We have a winner…

Joe Cronin was quite the looker in his day.

…and sadly it isn’t the Red Sox. 0-6. All I have to say is we need our boys to come home (also, if I hear booing tomorrow while I’m at Fenway you’ll most likely be reading my name in a police blotter Saturday morning).

But we are not here to dwell, we’re here to celebrate.  We have a winner of the two tickets to Opening Day at Fenway Park.  Reader Mark from Burlington correctly identified Fred Lynn as the answer to who the player is who got me interested in baseball and who I consider my “all-time” favorite.  Congratulations to Mark!  He’s bringing his son and I hope they both have a wonderful time and get to see a win!

Once again, I’d like to thank Tickets for Charity for these tickets.  It was generous of them to offer them up and I truly appreciate it.

The majority of people who responded answered with Kyle Snyder.  Now, given his feet grace the banner for the site, this wasn’t such a crazy assumption.  Except, as Anita noted in the comments, I’ve been a baseball fan for a lot longer than Kyle has been a player.  (Dare I say it?  I’ve been a fan for longer than Kyle has been alive!)

For the record, Fred Lynn is not worried about these Boston Red Sox but Kyle Snyder has yet to comment.

Thanks to everyone who played along!  I plan on having more giveaways this year.  Hopefully more ticket giveaways but next up will be a book!  (Holding off on it but might have to trot it out if the Sox keep this up.)

Keep the faith, people.  Right now it’s pretty much all we have.

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