I’m In

Listen to this man. (Photo courtesy of Kelly O'Connor and used with permission)

“You’re either two feet in now or you’re two feet out. Let us know now because we’re coming.”

I’m in Dustin, I’m in. But, holy cow, you guys make it interesting, don’t you?

Follow the above link for more quotes from your Boston Red Sox regarding their feelings about being at Fenway tomorrow with the possibility of the fans being hostile.

They’ve spent almost ten days on the road dealing with opposing fans, tough losses and overly critical media folk.  I don’t care what they make and I don’t care how famous they are, they need our damn support and if we’re any kind of fans that’s what we’ll be giving tomorrow.

As a related aside, the first person near me tomorrow who boos Darnell McDonald might get a fist in the face.  Just throwing that out there as a general warning.

And, finally, Gordon Edes tweeted another quote from Pedroia: “We need those fans more than ever.” Do with that what you will.

Regardless of what has gone on since last Friday, tomorrow is Opening Day.  We should be happy and celebrating and supportive of the team.

And that’s all I have to say about that.

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