See the men paint their faces and cry

Okay, okay. I’ll share the team. I like to keep my fantasy baseball team name private (especially since I’ll, most likely, change it at some point!), but at the very least I’ll let you all know who you need to send extra positive vibes to. (This is in response to the comments and emails I’m getting asking me if, essentially, every player in MLB is on my fantasy team.)

My personal guidelines for choosing players: I try to stay away from all AL East teams except the Sox (but once in a while a player sneaks in…I’m playing against 13 other teams, pickins’ get slim) and absolutely NO Yankees and no players I just “don’t like”. So here you go:

C Jason Varitek
1B Casey Kotchman
2B Freddy Sanchez
3B Troy Glaus
SS Julio Lugo (insert frowny face here)
OF JD Drew
OF David Murphy
OF Coco Crisp

U Brandon Moss
BN Brian Schneider
BN Gabe Kapler
BN David Eckstein
BN Kevin Millar
BN Kurt Suzuki

SP Bronson Arroyo
SP Cliff Lee
RP Manny Delcarmen
RP Javier Lopez
P Clay Buchholz
P Tim Wakefield
P Homer Bailey

Had there been a way for me to choose Kyle Snyder, I would have. But it’s safe to say that he’s better off not being able to have me put him on my team.

God speed, fellas. You’ll need all the help you can get.

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