Try and be happy while you do the nasty things you must

Bronson in 2006 on St Patrick’s Day. Photo taken by Kelly O’Connor/ Used with permission

I spent three hours writing and researching for the entry I planned on publishing today. And then I spent about 30 minutes deciding whether or not to actually publish it. I decided no. I put a lot of work into the piece and it wasn’t an easy decision to scrap it. But it’s gone and it won’t be resurrected. So it’s 1:30am and I still haven’t written a thing. Lovely.

Here’s my early morning ramblings that you’re stuck with since I decided to edit myself half to death. At this point, I don’t even know if I’m making any sense. Bear with me.

I received some entertaining emails today. From people criticizing my fantasy baseball team (“I weep for anyone affected by your decision-making!“) to people still begging me to not write about their favorite player (“Please don’t write about [Daniel] Bard“). Most interesting was from a new reader who found me through Twitter. He said he didn’t have the time to read the archives and he didn’t know if I consider myself a journalist or “just” a blogger but he wanted me to know that, to him, I was “just” a blogger and he didn’t understand why WEEI would bother putting me on their site.

Um, thanks for writing?

Watched Puerto Rico lose their first game of the WBC, which leads us to the US playing them tonight. This isn’t a game I’m looking forward to because I really like the Puerto Rican team and it seems odd that there could be a part of me rooting against the US. Inevitably, I will be rooting for the USA team. No worries there. But I’ll be a little sad for Puerto Rico if they lose (but it won’t dampen my happiness for team USA!).

Jeff Bailey, Jed Lowrie and Chris Carter all hit home runs yesterday off of Roy Halladay. I’m sorry I missed it. Does Doc get pissy during spring training games the way he does during regular season games?

No Mets game on Monday so no Kyle update. Given the schedule, I’m hoping he pitches today. But the game you’ll all be interested in is on NESN/ and the MLBN at 1:05pm…Twins at Red Sox, which means we’ll probably see the green uniforms. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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