And now…baseball

Mike Timlin Photo taken last night by ME!  (I love the way he looks in b/w and I did the way he holds his cup!  Mr. Manners, baby!)

Mike Timlin Photo taken last night by ME! (I love the way he looks in b/w and I dig the way he holds his cup! Mr. Manners!)

I’ve never noticed so many fans at the park paying such close attention to pitch count as I did last night.

It seemed like every third pitch, or so, someone in our group or just in our section was looking to the right to the pitcher’s scoreboard to see what Daisuke’s pitch count was.  None of us could believe how low it was throughout the game.  I’ve been fortunate to see Daisuke pitch a few times in person and I’ve never seen him sail like that – it was fabulous.  And it was exactly what the Sox needed from him!  15 hits was pretty damn sweet to see as well.  I’ve decided that Dustin Pedroia (4-4 last night with a walk) is a machine.  At the very least, I’m starting to believe he might be one of the best all-around players in the league.  MVP, baby, MVP!  (I sense a competition between Pedroia and Youkilis brewing!)

Hey, it could happen. 🙂

So plans have changed a little for today…still definitely heading out this morning to “palooze” with friends to say goodbye to one who has decided furthering her education overseas is more important than staying here and getting drunk with us for the next year.  I’m so proud of Bridget but it’s sad to see her go!  So we’re giving her a send-off today pre-game.  What’s changed is plans for this evening.

Originally, we were heading to Pawtucket although, admittedly, I wasn’t all that enthused. Nothing against the PawSox, it’s just with the lack of an ID (my license was stolen ALONG with all the credit/debit cards) and money, traveling twice in three days to Pawtucket didn’t really appeal to me.

Pre-game last night, KellyO and I decided we’d check the PawSox box score after the game and if Kyle Snyder and Michael Bowden (who had just been sent to the bullpen) made it into the game (increasing the chances that they wouldn’t pitch today) we’d probably decide not to make the trip.  Well, before the game ended last night, my friend Crystal texted me to tell us that Michael Bowden got the call and would be pitching tonight instead of David Pauley.  To say that Michael Bowden is one of KellyO’s favorites would be a slight understatement.  It would be like saying Kyle Snyder might be one of MY favorites.  So I knew, once i got that text message, that we weren’t going to Pawtucket tonight – and I was thrilled (for Michael AND Kelly!).

Cherry on that sundae is that Kyle pitched in the ninth last night in Pawtucket in what Brendan McGair at the Pawtucket Times wrote “could very well be his final outing with the PawSox”.  Now I write “Cherry on that sundae” because I interpret that line as meaning McGair thinks Kyle might get a call-up.  If he means something else, I don’t want to know about that just yet.  🙁

(Edited to add that my man Mike Timlin threw a perfect ninth inning, and Kyle pitched a scoreless ninth inning  – giving up two singles but striking out two as well!)

Here’s my thing about all these writers saying Kyle might get the call up.  They all are the same folks who told me (okay US) that Kyle’s spot in the bullpen, at the beginning of the season, was a sure thing.  I was waiting for Aardsma or Tavarez or SOMEONE else to get booted when Kyle got dfa’d – and that was based on what, pretty much, every writer who covered the Sox had been writing since late in Spring Training.

SO what I’m saying is, these schmoes don’t always seem to know what they’re talking about – even though it’s their job to do so.  For example, why has not one of them mentioned that, currently, Kyle isn’t even on the freaking 40-man roster?  That’s a bit of an omission when you keep writing that he’ll get a call-up, no?

So I won’t be in Pawtucket today (but will be for their last game on Monday!) and I’m holding out hope that Kyle might be in Boston at some point in September.  In the meantime, Michael Bowden makes his MLB debut at Fenway tonight and there’s a chance I’ll be there.  Kick some ass, Michael!

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