Every day…

...Ozzie Guillen gives me another reason to want to kick him in the gibleys.

On Michael Bowden:

“He got us on a bad day,” said Guillen. “He’s OK. He didn’t really impress me. He beat a team right now that is not swinging the bat well. The first inning he threw all fastballs. We’re a fastball-hitting team and we couldn’t get him. When you deserve credit, I’ll give you credit. He didn’t impress me.

“He was good enough to beat the White Sox tonight.”

Yeah, Ozzie, he was. The same White Sox who lead the American League Central division right now. He got your team “on a bad day”? Right. That’s all it was.  You don’t “give him credit” because you’re a horse’s asshole and a sore loser.

More, and less cranky, stuff when I wake up!

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