A wrap-up of sorts

I spent the better part of the ride home from the game last night trying to figure out what I was going to write.  I then, of course, passed out when I got home (being up 42 hours with no sleep can bring that on!) and didn’t write a darn thing.

So now I write this:  Last night it was my privilege to meet many amazing people and I was witness to an outpouring of love and support for strangers that I’ve never seen in person.  I’m still shaken and annoyed by my purse (and, really a chunk of my LIFE) being taken – but at the very least my belief that not all people suck has certainly been restored.  And I was, yet again, reminded that things could be so much worse.

But, for now, that’s all I have to say about last night.  I made a promise to one of those amazing people I met last night and I intend to keep it.  In the meantime, another huge “thank you” goes out of all of you who helped make last night possible and I promise YOU all that I’ll have a write-up and photos of the events near the end of next week.

I need to send a special shout-out to my friends who put up with being with my deadbeat butt last night!  Not having access to money (thanks to people who DO suck)  yet having an actual OBLIGATION to be somewhere that money is usually required absolutely sucks and I get to do it all over again today…if this karma stuff actually works then a lot of people have some good things, eventually, coming to them.

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