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Markatasg Around noon today, I’m off for the rest of the week.  I might be posting late tonight from the hotel and I should have access at some point Thursday before the game and Friday before I head off for the weekend…not so sure about the weekend, though.  Probably not.

I mentioned this briefly in the live blog last night, but I think it bears repeating for all the pains (Yes, Bud Selig, Tim McCarver, Joe Buck, Ken Rosenthal, Joe Morgan, Chris Berman and every other person who wants to make Manny and the Red Sox out to be evil…) out there.

In today’s Globe, there is a story about Will Carroll’s report on Manny’s knee.  What kills me is how m any people are trying to say it’s bull.  And Mr. Selig’s quote: 

"Maybe I’m old-fashioned, but if you are voted on the team, it’s a privilege," Selig said. “You ought to be here. He’s the only person who did not participate this year. Everybody else has been here and has been terrific."

HOW does Bud not see that by making the All Star Game "count", he is putting the players in danger of  getting hurt because they have to play balls out during what is supposed to be a ‘break’ for them?  Just like he did with the WBC?  And just like the WBC, I’d prefer my players NOT go – even though I vote for them.

And how many players, in the past, have NOT shown up for the All Star Game after being chosen?  Is Manny the first?  AND Tito had been ‘warning’ people for a couple of weeks that Manny was probably not going.  Fans were still voting during that period.  Even knowing he probably wouldn’t be there, fans STILL VOTED FOR HIM.  That should tell Bud and everyone else something.  The fans don’t care as much as you want us to.  Manny was booed on Monday night when they acknowledged his being the top vote getter. Well, how many of those fans were National League fans?  One night of boos after the media has been beating us with how horrible Manny is doesn’t surprise me.

EDITED TO ADD – How the heck did I miss THIS?

During a meeting with baseball writers, Selig was asked whether pitchers named to the all-star team should be rested on the previous Sunday to keep them fresh for the All-Star Game on Tuesday.

"We ought to seriously think about that, and do it this winter," Selig replied.

I defy you to defend this.  He would rather an ‘ace’ NOT pitch in a game that counts in the standings for his team so he can pitch in the freaking ALL STAR GAME?  WHY is this man still commissioner??????  He’s cleary delusional.

And what kind of world do we live in when Ozzie Guillen is the voice of reason?

"But, to me, what’s more important to me, or a general manager or an owner is to win the game Sunday and see what happens. I’d rather (an ace) not pitch in the All-Star Game than on Sunday, because in the All-Star Game he’s only going to pitch an inning or two."

Oh and happy day – we get Buck and McAsswipe for another seven years to listen to them bash Manny.  (Had to laugh that Yankees Chick thinks they ‘ballwash’ the Red Sox.  Funny how different fans hear different things.)

Well, we still have good news.  The AL won the game and the ESPYs are tonight (which is only good news because 1) it means baseball is back tomorrow and 2) Jake Gyllenhaal is supposed to be there!  Let’s hope the rumors aren’t true and Lance Armstrong doesn’t  humiliate himself and ESPN with that "you like it in the rear – of the theater" joke directed toward Jake that we hear he’s going to be telling!).

Have a great day, folks!

(Photo of Mark Loretta from last night, swiped from Getty Images)

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