The “You all knew I was going to end up live blogging this thing” Live Blog

I have to pack for the next five days…and yet, I know I’m going to be watching the All Star Game…so I’m going to live blog it as well.  Why not, right?  🙂  Be back at 8pm!

8:00 – This isn’t really going to start until almost 8:30, huh?  Who approves these stupid intros?

8:04 – Phil Garner giving a pep talk…Ozzie Guillen giving a pep talk.  It’s the ALL STAR GAME!!!!  And Ozzie is going to manage it like it’s the "Last game of the World Series".  Thank you, Bud Selig.  Thank you for sucking the fun out of the All Star Game.

8:05 – Jeannie Zelasko says Kenny Rogers had a "run-in" with a camera man last year.  A ‘run-in’?  I love revisionist history.

8:09 – Some dude is going to try and win a million dollars from Taco Bell.  This is what the All Star Game should be about.  Hitting off a tee to hit a target and win a million dollars!

8:11 – Sorry Thomas, you stink.

8:14 – I have finally reached the age where I hear music like they just played and wonder why anyone would listen to such noise.

8:15 – Ooh, Jonathan Papelbon gets introduced next to AJ Pierzynski.  Papelbon could so kick his behind.

8:16 – "And now, introducing the entire White Sox team.."

8:16b – Well, they didn’t boo poor Mark Redman…that’s something.

8:17 – There were boos for Robinson Cano and Mariano Rivera…even in Pittsburgh.  Too funny.

8:18 – It  looks like Jim Tracy is using a pen to keep his jersey closed.  Is that the equivalent of a pocket protector in baseball?

8:19 – Bronson still looks hung over.  Must have been one heck of a night, Sunday night.  He then puts his hair behind his ears.  Must be a nervous thing, he does it a lot.  Every straight guy in America cringes every time he does it.

8:20 – Nomar just said "Hi Mom"…Awwwww.

8:21 – Freddie Sanchez is getting a standing ovation.  "Yay for being the least sucky of the suckiest!"

8:22 – They are playing the Star Wars theme to introduce the AL starters.   Jeter got some boos…Papi gets all cheers…Boos for ARod.  The Yankees are the only players getting booed.  They didn’t even boo Bronson.

8:23 – YAY FOR MARK LORETTA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(batting 8th)

8:24 – Jason Bay gets an amazing ovation.  I stand corrected about Freddie Sanchez.

8:26 – The National Anthem is next…I wait with bated breath to see who they get to mutilate it this year.Tomw

8:29 – Holy cow was that Tom Wopat in the commercial for "Standoff"?  For those of you so much younger than I am, Tom Wopat was "Luke Duke" on "The Dukes of Hazard".  I had a poster of "The Dukes" that fit the entire length of my bedroom door.  Luke was my favorite Duke.  Pardon me whilst I stroll down memory lane.

8:30 – What a surprise…Fox decides to use an "American Idol" winner to sing the National Anthem.  Her dress is being held up by straps that read "American" and "National".  I hate Fox.

8:31 – Although that camera shot under the flag was pretty cool.

8:32 – I feel guilty typing during the National Anthem.  But at least I’m singing it (I am!).  Carrie Underwood did a good job.  Not too shabby.

8:36 – Joe Buck says, "The National League wants respect!" and then goes on to say how they haven’t won an All Star Game since 1996 – and got trashed during inter-league play.  If the NL wants respect maybe they should play better?

8:42 – "You should know the names by now", Joe Buck says as he introduces the AL lineup.  You think?  I mean, since we did vote for them.

Tann8:42b – First mention of how Manny put a knife in the hearts of the All Star voters and didn’t show up this weekend.  Eat me, Joe Buck.

8:43 – A Chuck Tanner sighting!!!!  I love him. 

8:44 – First pitch is a strike.  First pitch at 8:44pm.  Eight FORTY FOUR.  What the he11, Fox?

8:45 – Already three mentions of how Ozzie told his team that if they don’t get to play tonight it’s tough and they need to make the team next year.  Yes.  Next year when Ozzie won’t be the manager and players who actually deserve to be there are on the team.  That one was way too easy.

8:46 – I’m not sure what the heck Ichiro was swinging at…but he missed mightily.

8:47 – I hope Jeter strikes out.  I’m sorry, but I do.  I can’t root for a Yankee unless the game is on the  line tonight.  Game isn’t on the line in the first inning.

8:48 – The fact that Brad Penny almost took Jeter’s face off in an All Star Game has to be proof that Jeter hangs over the dam plate.

8:49 – Captain Intangibles strikes out.  That’s too bad.

8:49b – The Big Papi is up and takes a huge swing.  Brad Penny, apparently, is working on throwing out his arm.  Smart move, Brad.

8:50 – Penny is one strike away from striking out the side.  Enjoy it while you can, Brad.  Does he think the Dodgers are going to have a chance to use that ‘home field advantage’?

8:51 – Penny has 20 pitches thus far (Joe Buck is good for something, apparently).

Rogersr_18:52 – Sonofab1tch he struck out the side.

8:57 – Real life bumps into baseball…sorry for the delay.  Soriano swings at the first pitch and makes the first out and Beltran gets a sweet double  (yeah, I know it’s the NL, but it’s against Kenny Rogers!).  Mr. Pujols is up…and pops it out to Jeter.

9:02 – Kenny Rogers has the nerve to strike out Pittsburgh’s own Jason Bay.

9:04 – It’s raining in Pittsburgh and Slappy is up.  How about another strikeout, Mr. Penny?

9:05 – I’ll be on a harbor cruise tomorrow…it’s probably going to rain on me.  Maybe it’ll end up being like "Gilligan’s Island"?  I’m SO Mary Ann!

9:06 – "ARod was last year’s MVP for the New York Yankees" says Tim McAsswipe.  Derek Jeter asks "What the he11 do I have to do, kills someone???"

9:07 – This one is for the Yankees fans.  Joe Buck and Tim McCarver are starting on the "Poor ARod gets booed at Yankee Stadium" stuff already.  I say Yankees and Red Sox fans get together and pay someone to pluck out Buck’s and McCarver’s eyelashes.

9:08 – I am happy because Slappy made and out and then Vlad came in and hit a homerun.  Kind of puts a new spin on that Pepsi commercial, eh?

9:10 – "Head, shoulders, knees and toes" by The Wiggles.  Fox just played that while showing Vlad hitting his homerun.  Who on God’s green earth thought THAT was a good idea?

9:10b – Three outs for the AL…but Vlad gives them the lead.  They also played Bronson talking to Brad Penny, but I didn’t understand a word he said.

9:14 – Edgar "I’m a great player as long as I’m not playing in the American League" Renteria is up.

9:15 – Lifted from "Boston Sports Media": 

Update: Will Carroll on Baseball Prospectus had this to say about Manny:

I won’t be seeing Manny Ramirez in Pittsburgh. The top vote
getter is taking a disproportionate amount of heat for missing the
game, even getting openly questioned on yesterday’s Fox telecast. Tim
McCarver said the worst thing about his knee injury was “remembering
which leg to limp with.” It’s easy to say that Ramirez is
faking an injury, but almost as easy to actually check on the injury.
Ramirez is suffering from a small tear in the medial meniscus of his
right knee. It’s an injury he can play with, but one that can “grind,”
a bone-on-bone situation that is unpredictable and painful.

9:16 – David Wright goes yard!  Zoe is very happy right now.  Hooray for MLBlog’s own!

9:18 – Alex Gonzalez would so have just thrown out Chase Utley.  Derek Jeter?  Not so much.

9:19 – That clip of David Wright was  just ridiculous.  I’m embarrassed for him.  Make it stop.

9:20 – End of 2 – scored tied at one.

9:22 – Picture of Bronson…just because.

9:24 – Mark Loretta is up.  Mark Loretta is out thanks to a nice bare-handed catch by Albert Pujols.

9:25 – Roy Oswalt is in the game.  And he’s pitching against Menudo.  Roy Halladay is up in the bullpen.  G’night Kenny Rogers.

9:26 – Jermaine Dye is next to Slappy in the dugout.  He could take Slappy.  I’m just sayin’.

9:26b  Magglio strikes out after they show Jeter in the dugout FAR FAR away from Slappy.

9:28 – That was a quick inning.

9:34 – Phil Garner is making me want to root for the National League.

9:34 – What was Soriano thinking?  Out at the plate.  Two outs, Met on second and Albert up at bat.

9:35 – Make that Met on third.  Betran makes a nice steal.

9:36 – Betran scores on a wild pitch.  National League leads 2-1.  What up, Doc?

9:40 – Jason Bay moved from right to left and Brandon Webb is pitching.  I hope he leaves Bay in there for a while.  Jeter has strike one, er strike TWO.

9:41 – Ozzie Guillen is going to make me not want the American Legue to win, isn’t he?

9:41b – Ozzie claims he tried to get Schilling in the All Star Game but he pitched on Sunday…huh?  Revisionist history, yet again.

9:42 – Oh, yeah…Jeter struck out – again.

9:44 – Ozzie is talking over Papi’s at-bat.  Please make it stop.  Papi is out.

9:45 – Slappy is up.  I think Vlad should be batting in his spot.  (Not instead of him, just ahead of him.)  Slappy makes the last out.  The National League is getting all excited now.

9:49 – Why did Joe Buck move?  Does Tim McCarver smell?  Oh, wait…no it’s about Roberto Clemente.  Very cool.  Jason Bay gets a hit – also very cool!

9:50 – Okay, I think the yellow armbands are for Roberto Clemente…yeah, it took me four innings to figure it out.  The initials on the bands are RCW…Roberto Clemente Walker…I’m a little slow tonight.

9:52 – David Wright makes out three.

9:53 – Because  Joe Buck is going to do the Clemente presentation – McCarver is doing the voice overs for the ads…it just sounds wrong.

9:54 – I do like Joe Buck’s voice.

9:55 – Bill Mazeroski, Vera Clemente and Bud Selig.  Bud always looks so uncomfortable in his skin.Clemente

9:56 – Dammit.  Ozzie Guillen is crying – or at least has tears in his eyes – now I can’t make fun of him until the next inning.

9:57 – I am uncomfortable being snarky while Mr. Selig talks about Roberto Clemente.  So I’m keeping quiet until this presentation is over.

10:03 – My man Bronson is pitching and has his first out.  And now he has his second out. Vernon Wells up next.

10:04 – Bronson versus Mark Loretta.  This is tough.  I have to go with Loretta here.

10:06 – Full extension by Freddie Sanchez!!!!  Nice catch (even if it was on my guy!)  Bronson gets out of the inning.  Still 2-1 National League.

10:07 – Bronson sings "Wonderwall" to commercial.  He sounds much better in person.

10:09 – Barry Zito is in for the AL and Utley is up in the fifth.

10:10 – Ken Rosenthal just called Joe Buck "Barry" while talking about Barry Zito.  Utley is out to Micahel Young – which means Mark Loretta is out of the game.  They just showed Bronson in the dugout.  Sigh.

Arroyobronson10:11 – David Ortiz just saves Slappy’s cheese.  Papi plays first baseman like, oh a first baseman, ‘bails out’ ERod.  Nice job, Papi.  Everyone can now shut the he11 up about him not being able to field.  Thank you.

10:16 – Wow.  Bronson only got one inning?  He must still be a hurting puppy.  Just say ‘no’, Bronson.  We have a Grady Sizemore sighting…let the screaming commence.  (Oops, he just struck out.  G’night, Grady!)

10:19 – Jeter makes out number three.  Five and a half in the books and the National League is still winning.  Go figure.

10:22 – Slappy and Jeter are out of the game.  Scott Kazmir is on the mound.

10:24 – According to Joe Buck, Kazmir "can do it all".  Except, you know, beat the  Yankees.

10:26 – Going into the seventh and the National League is still leading.  Maybe all that pouting is finally working for them.

10:30 – Papi is out of the game in the seventh.  Paul Konerko is in.  Maybe the fresh blood will kick it into gear?

10:31 – I had a dream last night that Bronson bought out his contract with the Reds and came back to Boston on a brand-new contract.  I think about baseball waaaay too much, I know.

10:32 – Paul Konerko gets a nice hit!  Jeannie Zelasko tries to get David Wright’s dad to be goofy on national television.  I’m happy to say, David’s dad is too good a guy to let her humiliate him.  Leave him alone, Jeannie…leave the poor man alone!

10:33 – Good God, David Wright’s dad doesn’t look all that old.  To ME anyway.  Egads, I’m an old lady.

10:34 – Nice, but tough, double play.

10:34b – Okay, these guys aren’t even TRYING are they?  I mean, come ON fellas, you kicked their butts in June!

10:35 – Seventh inning stretch.  Oh, but first "God Bless America".  I love this song, but it isn’t our National Anthem.  That’s all I’m saying. 

10:36 – Beautiful rendition by John Legend.

10:39 – I’m at Fenway on Thursday night with a great lense on my camera.  Very excited to get some good pictures even though I’m in the bleachers!

10:40 – Santana gets Jason Bay out.  Why is Bay still in there?

10:41 – Lance Berkman is in!  Lance has grown on me this season.  He’s won me over!

10:41b – Mark Redman is in the bullpen.  I’d love to  see him do something fabulous just to hush all the people who complained about him.  Santana walks Berkman to bring up David Wright.

10:43 – 8th inning boys.  Time to stop playing with the National League.

10:44 – This is one of those things that’s more exciting in person, huh?  Or maybe just THIS specific game is a little…dull?

10:48 – Joe Mauer may be a ‘tremendous athlete’, but he’s also the first out of the eighth for Tom Gordon.

10:49 – The American League dugout looks like Ozzie is taking this game a lot more serious than his team is.  I like that.  The AL team looks like they’re having fun, regardless of the score.  More power to them!

10:50 – I joke about being old…but I’m really  not that old.  But looking at David Wright – oh, I FEEL old.

10:52 – The American League guys want to go party with Bronson tonight, don’t they?

10:55 – This game is so important that Fox didn’t bother to let us see BJ Ryan’s first pitch of the inning.

10:57 – Fox shows Trevor Hoffman in the bullpen.  Every time I see Trevor, I think of Glenn.  How many of you even know who Glenn Hoffman is?  BJ has two outs against the NL.

10:58 – American League has 3 outs left.  You’d think this would ‘bother’ me, but it really doesn’t.  I refuse to let Mr. Selig make me treat this game like ‘it counts’.

11:03 – So,if he National League wins, does that mean they get to spend the rest of the season saying "see, the American League ISN’T better than us!"?  Because I’m not buying that.  Not in the least.

11:04 – Paul Konerko does his best to keep the game going.

11:05 – Ground rule double.  Men on second and third with two outs and Michael Young is up.   If this was a Red Sox game, I’d like our chances…05youngmichael

11:06 – MICHAEL YOUNG!!!!!!  Triple to bring the AL up 3-2.  Ask me who I’m going to go and vote for MVP!

11:07 – Mauer ends the inning…but the AL has Mariano Rivera coming up.  Remember what I said about only rooting for a Yankee when the game is on the line…here it is.

11:12 – Mo has one out with Beltran up.

11:13 – Tim McCarver just said "Those of you who do NOT know Mariano Rivera…"!  Honestly, if you’ve just spent the last three hours watching this dam ‘show’, I’m thinking you know who the he11 Mariano Rivera is.

11:14 – According to a story on – Bronson IS still hurting from having ‘too much fun’ in Pittsburgh and kind of asked out of the game which is why he only pitched one inning.  I love Bronson, but the guy needs to get his head straight, no?

11:16 – Mo has one out, one on and Ryan Howard up with a 1-1 count.

11:17 – Make that two outs with a man on second and Carlos Lee up.

11:19 – Um.  National League just lost the game in the ninth.  3-2.  Thank you, Michael Young.  Thank you Trevor Hoffman.

One last photo of my Bronson, taken today (not by me) with my Big Papi!

11:20 – Troy Glaus is being interviewed by Kevin Kennedy.  He looks very happy.  Nice work, Troy.

11:22 – They’re actually going to commercial before they present the MVP award.  Okay…works for me. 

11:23 – By the way, I take it back.  The ninth inning made this a very exciting game!

11:25 – My votes worked – ;-), Michael Young gets the MVP – and he certainly deserved it.

This was so much more fun than last night’s live blog!  Thanks for following along folks!

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