Sunday Baseball

The Giants announcer just said "Woo-hoo!" in regard to the Giants beating the Mets in extra innings.  Too funny.

Well, Matt Clement, along with the rest of the team, stepped it up today and got the job done.  A little drama when Clement was taken out in the 7th, explained away in the post game interview:

"He (Jason Varitek) could just tell I was fatigued.  It was smart.  I just didn’t want another medical visit because I’m sick of them."

So, no drama really…Matt pitched a good game, we got another homer from Youk (and from Manny and Papi as well!) and everyone pretty much pitched in (and helped pick up a two game slumping Coco Crisp).  Just the way I like to see a game won.

Oh yeah, and the Yankees lost too.  Nice little cherry on my sundae of a day.

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