I’m an enigma

Joshb_3 I hate change…but I get bored easily.  So I messed with the formatting of the blog and even though it’s making me a little skittish (have I mentioned I hate change?) I’m keeping it.

More than three options for a blog format would be nice, folks.

And people being able to comment without their email addresses showing up if they aren’t mlb.com members would be good too.

Ooh, ooh…and a "preview" screen that actually shows you what the blog entry will really look like.

And a spell check that does the entire document at the same time instead of one word at a time.

Since I’m thinking about it.  🙂

It’s a little chilly in Boston tonight.  Makes me happy the boys will be playing in Toronto.

Er…well, you know what I mean. 

Beckett on the mound tonight…I think that will mean good things.

Or a brawl…I’m good with that too.

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