All I have to say about tonight is…

Bronson …the pitcher who Theo had to trade away rung up his third win tonight (3-0 with one no-decision and a 3.04 era) while the POS pitcher who wanted to be traded is heading toward possible retirement.

Which forced the team to put their only lefty in the bullpen into the rotation…which weakened the bullpen and didn’t do all that much for the rotation.  Whereas, had Theo, oh, NOT traded Arroyo, we’d have someone who could be effective in the rotation and out of the bullpen.  But why have that?  Why have ‘too much pitching’?  Instead we have Wily Mo Pena.  A fourth outfielder we didn’t need to begin with.  And we have a weaker bullpen and a weaker rotation.  Good work, Theo.  Great planning ahead when you know you had Wells who is 1) old and 2) unhealthy. 3) Unhappy.  All three things you knew BEFORE you traded Bronson.

So, yeah, that was a good call.  Worked out well for the Red Sox tonight, didn’t it?

Keith Foulke got the loss tonight and he didn’t deserve it.  He pitched a perfect third strike to end the inning and it was called a ball.  Then Tito inexplicably pulled him from the game and put in Rudy Seanez.  That is when I shut the game off because I knew what was coming next.  I still can’t figure out how Seanez still has a job in Major League Baseball.

Tito gets this loss.  For totally mismanaging the bullpen tonight.

Man, I’m disgusted.

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