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Found this around and am posting the link for those fans who missed it the first time around.  My favorite part:

"I’m very excited about going to Boston from a purely baseball and professional standpoint. Going to a team with that kind of history and that contends every year is very exciting. I’m also looking forward to experiencing East Coast baseball and that level of intensity.

Dave Roberts called me yesterday and told me that Boston is an amazing place to play and that I’m going to really enjoy playing there. In addition to being a teammate on the Padres last year, Dave is one of my neighbors in San Diego, so I suspect I’m going to lean on him in the coming weeks for some pointers about living and playing in Boston. "

He’s friends with Dave Roberts.  That’s all I need to know.

I will now take this moment to post some pictures of Dave Roberts.  Because any time his name comes up, I give a short prayer of thanks and ask for blessings on him and his family.  You think I kid.  🙂

Papdave Davepop Davesli Steal1

Okay…and a couple of Mark Loretta, since he did trigger this entry.Marklo Makrloe Markloretta

Withdaveroberts2004a Withdaverobertsonshoulders2004a

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