I hate it when I’m right

Lenblue David Wells s*cked tonight.  Like the suckiest s*ck who ever s*cked.  I don’t want to hear about his two ‘perfect’ innings.  Dude shouldn’t have been in there at all.

Having written that, I’m ashamed of the so-called fans at Fenway tonight who booed him off the field.  I hate that stuff.  Like the guy didn’t know how horribly he pitched?  Lenny Dinardo (oh my, he looks good in HD) just loaded the bases with no outs…are you all going to boo him as well?  It’s the second week of baseball people…as annoyed as I am at Wells, I think we’ll survive losing a game now and then.

My only real concern is that this is what I had written about before.  Wells knows he doesn’t have it, or that he’s hurt, and he still puts in his time to meet his contractual obligations so he can get his cake…and THAT pisses me off.  Be a man and admit  you aren’t fit to pitch, if that is the case, and get off the dam mound.

7-3 with one out and the bases loaded in the sixth inning.  This game is just u-g-l-y, ugly.

Except for that.  Lenny induces an inning-ending double play and gets out of trouble.  I’ll say it again:  How freaking sweet is it to have a complete infield?

Slight pause whilst I mention that Bronson Arroyo’s era is 1.98. (and Wily Mo Pena just hit a homerun – go figure! 7-4)

And the Big Papi hit another homerun!  (And "yay" to Dustan Mohr for hitting his first homer as a Red Sox player!)

I swear to God if I see this ridiculous Pepsi commercial with Jimmy Fallon and Parkey Posey once more I’m going to track them both down and you all will never hear from them again. (And if you click that link you all will have that stupid song stuck in your head as I now do!)

Stop booing your own players, people.  It’s p1ssing me off and it makes you look totally idiotic.

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