The Horror

Mattc From today’s Globe:

”I don’t take it home," he said, and that is a good thing, because the home he headed back to last night, a townhouse within walking distance of the old ballpark, is not his. He’s merely a tenant, paying rent to a landlord away on business, in Cincinnati, pitching — and hitting home runs — for the Reds.

Boomer is staying at Bronson’s place.  Well, I guess that’s kind of poetic.  Ugh.

All Wells really had to say about  his performance?  ”Just didn’t have it."

I get mad at the fans for booing their own players.  I know why they do it, but I still think it’s wrong.  Those guys in that uniform are YOUR players and you should have enough respect to support them, not kick them when they’re down.  To me there is a huge difference between one obscure blogger saying you s*cked and 36,000 people all saying it to your face – at the same time.  But Wells wins no fans with his attitude.  And Chris Snow hit the nail on the head with this line:

And last night, it was easy, after pitches Nos. 4, 14, and 72 of Wells’s season rocketed over the Monster, after the boos cascaded down on him (”They were saying, ‘Boo-mer,’ I thought," Wells cracked) to wish that the landlord, Bronson Arroyo, were the pitcher retained, Wells the pitcher dealt

Bronson Arroyo’s ERA is currently 1.98…Boomer’s is 15.75.  Bronson is 29.  Boomer is almost 43.  Bronson cares about his performance and how the fans feel.  Boomer obviously doesn’t.  Bronson wanted to stay and Boomer didn’t.

So, again, I will continue to question what the he11 Theo was thinking with that trade.  (And, yes, I know no one wants Boomer.  Well, neither do I.)

I’ll be at the game tonight with my friend Michael, watching Matt Clement.  I’m just so happy Michael didn’t have tickets to last night’s game.  It would have been tough to tell people to stop booing Boomer when I wanted to kick him myself.

Yes, I’m a  hypocrite, what of it?

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