End of pre-season randomness

I had it in my head that the Red Sox weren’t playing the Astros until tomorrow.  Which, knowing the season starts for MLB tomorrow sounds ridiculous as I type it out.  So it was a pleasant surprise to be reminded that it actually happens tonight!  The MLB Network and NESN will cover the exhibition game at 8:05pm with Josh Beckett on the mound for the Red Sox.  Very much looking forward to watching it and saying a true goodbye to pre-season baseball!

Yesterday I was pleasantly surprised to be asked, along with a few other fellow bloggers, by Gordon Edes to offer up a prediction for the 2011 Red Sox season. Trying to stay true to myself (I don’t usually offer predictions and I get easily annoyed by negative predictions before the season even starts) I came up with a truly giddy and positive one for Gordon to use.  A note of thanks to him for including me in his piece this morning.   (Gordon asked for somewhere between 100 and 150 words.  If you read my blog you can imagine how difficult it was for me to whittle down my response!)

On Monday I went on a job interview where the office of the person interviewing me had a view of the new video board at Fenway (where they were doing testing and you could see the different colors showing up on it).  That is a view I could stand to have.

One of my goals for the blog this season is to share blogs or blog entries of interest.  It never hurts to spread the support around and there are a few good blogs out there that folks might not know about.  So in an effort to start the season off right, I’m going to direct you to an entry by a friend of mine, Alexis Boucher.  She blogs about the Tampa Bay Lightning for Aerys Sports but also just began contributing to the Red Sox blog over there and her first entry is now up.

I wasn’t lying in that blurb I sent to Gordon…I have truly high hopes for this team and the idea of waiting two more days has me eager to get it started!

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