Top Ten Reasons Evan Longoria Owns an AK-47

10.  In case Manny Ramirez tries to steal his Gold Glove.

9.    The assault rifle store was all out of AK-74s.

8.     He’ll get that cap back one way or another.

7.    Makes a good replacement in a pinch if he breaks all his bats.

6.    It goes well with the camo cap.

5.    Notice how you don’t hear The Heckler anymore?  That’s not a coincidence.

4.    It’s the only way to keep David Price and Reid Brignac from touching his stuff.

3.    So he’s ready for the next smartass who calls him “Eva”.

2.    Have you seen the size of the alligators in Port Charlotte?

1.    He’s finally going to put a stop to those cowbells.

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