CHB (Or, for Non-Red Sox fans, Dan Shaughnessy)

SchillringI try not to link the the Boston Globe site too often, but I’m making an exception today.  In CHB’s* article today on last night’s game, Shaughnessy injects some venom.

He follows this paragraph:

It was quite a series for the ancient rivals. Things got off to a rockin’ start when the New York Post challenged Yankees pitchers to put David Ortiz on his rear. In Game 1, the Sox routed Randy Johnson and the Yankees played hacky sack with the baseball. The result was a 14-3 Sox blowout and Boss Steinbrenner ripped Alex Rodriguez (two errors) after the game. Rodriguez responded in Game 2, crushing a cookie from Curt Schilling to put New York into the lead in the fifth inning. It was one of three homers Schilling surrendered in the 7-3 Sox’ loss.

With THIS cheap shot, that has nothing to do with anything:

Last night, the inimitable Schilling managed to make himself the center of attention again by leaving the ballpark in full uniform for a trip to a local medical facility. Just like Schilling to fly under the radar like that. The Gotham paparazzi covered Schilling’s quick errand, but the Sox did not disclose the nature of his malady.

Ah, life must be tough for the CHB.  Ever since 2004, he has no curse to write about.  Carl Everett is long-gone and so are Nomar and Pedro…so he has decided to turn his hatred and jealousy toward Schilling.  No surprise, really, especially since rumor has it that Schilling pulled aside pretty much ever new guy in training camp this spring and filled them in on CHB, letting them know they could ignore his questions and not bother with him at all.  Shaughnessy is on the short ride to insignificantland and he’s desperate.

It isn’t bad enough that he throws this random slam into a piece wrapping up the Yankees/Sox series, but now rumblings are coming out of Yankee Stadium that Curt made the trip to the hospital at the request of a sick child.

Now, regardless of whether or not that part of the story is true, it was a sleazy thing for CHB to write, and it’s pretty funny that he was so willing to let his jealousy of Curt shine so deeply through.

But, if is is true, how delicious is this for those of us who can’t stand the fact that Shaughnessy basically gets paid to write the most hateful, spiteful things he can about the Boston Red Sox on a daily basis?  Let’s not even get into the fact that the man has totally forgotten how to use a fact-checker.

Way to be a ‘journalist’, CHB.  Write something inflammatory before you have all the facts. 

Wait, that’s what you’ve done your entire career, why should I be surprised now?

I hope against hope that there really was a request from a sick kid.  And I hope, but I know it won’t happen, that CHB is man enough to apologize.

I won’t hold my breath, though.  Besides, I’m pretty sure Curt would just tell him to shove it where the sun don’t shine.  At least, that’s what I hope he’d do.

(One final note here.  If you’re in the mood to muck rake…CHB’s email address is

*Dan Shaughnessy forever became the "Curly Haired-Boyfriend", "CHB" for short, back in 2000, and, aside from breaking up Mike Mussina’s perfect game in the ninth inning, is the only positive legacy Carl Everett left Red Sox Nation.  During a tirade in the Boston clubhouse, Everett told Boston Globe writer Gordon Edes to leave and to take his "curly-haired boyfriend" with him.  The rest, is history.

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