Well, DUH.

JbeckposIn comments last night, levelboss wrote this in regard to the Red Sox playing the Yankees this week in New York:

"it’ll be great that Johnny will get cheers this time instead of whines"

I’m not here to beat up on levelboss…because it’s more fun to beat up on ESPN.

Last night, on "Baseball Tonight", the statements were made, as if it would be in retaliation for the Sox fans booing Johnny, that Schilling, Beckett and even Mike Lowell will be booed at Yankee Stadium.

No kidding?  Really?  I can’t imagine why.

Seriously, why are people comparing any booing or cheering that goes on this week at Yankee Stadium with the booing that went on at Fenway Park?

To respond to level’s quote, if the Yankees fans DON’T boo Johnny, there is something terribly wrong with them (I’m not dignifying the ridiculous  ‘whining’ remark with a response).  The guy is batting .300, with 19 rbi and 9 stolen bases.  (I don’t make a big deal either way about his 4 homeruns…people freak out that he doesn’t have so many, they did it in Boston as well.  But his homeruns, at least a couple, have been IMPORTANT ones…and leadoff hitters need to get on base anyway, not just hit homers.)  There is no reason for Yankees fans to NOT cheer him.

And, contrary to what Yankees fans might think, cheering him tonight means nothing to Red Sox fans or the Red Sox themselves.  It won’t bother us, or please us.  Pretty much a non-issue.

Ditto for the booing of the likes of Schilling (you always boo the one who kicks your butt, right) or Beckett (see Schilling’s parenthetical).

Mike Lowell…well, he was on the 2003 team that embarrassed the Yankees in their own stadium.  And he IS leading the league in doubles.  And his average IS .339 and he has 18 rbi.  As a matter of fact, he has 2 homeruns and, in the only category listed here that Johnny is kicking his butt in, has 1 stolen base.  So, yeah, I guess I can see why folks at Yankee Stadium would boo him.

But I’m pretty sure he won’t mind.  Neither will Schilling and Beckett.

I’m extremely pumped for this series.  Unfortunately, work is really busy still, so there is a slight chance I won’t get out in time tonight for the start of the game.  Only a slight one, though, so as of right now the plan is to be home before game time and set up to live blog.

Have a great day folks!

Go Sox!

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