Walk-off homeruns in 1999…

Mark_2_1 …only got a Red Sox player some high-fives and a few smacks on the behind.

I so love the era of the man-hug and the jumping up and down while pounding on the walk-off homerun hitter!

Okay, I’ve decided to liveblog the game tomorrow night.  (Dave, are you out there?  Are you going to try your hand at it?)

I have no idea how it will go.  Beckett is pitching.  I love him, but he gives me fits.  So, if I can stay at the keyboard – I’ll be here!

A couple of plugs for some nice folks.  Check out 9Players, a  new and interesting site.  And if you would like to show your Red Sox knowledge off, head on over to Armchair GM and help them fill out their Red Sox database!

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