How’s this for responsible journalism?

Droppapi_1 Mike Vaccaro, of the New York Post (Am I serious? Expecting ANY kind of actual ‘journalism’ from the New York Post?), wrote an entire article today telling the Yankees that they should hit David Ortiz when he comes up to bat.

Does this guy have HoF voting privileges? If so, they should be taken away immediately. It’s one thing for Yankees fans to opine on a message board about how they wish their team would brush Papi off the plate. But for a journalist (again, the term is used quite loosely) to write a story demanding that the Yankees intentionally hurt another player? That goes beyond ridiculous right into irresponsible.

Here’s how Vaccaro begins the article:

“The Yankees have to droppy Papi. They need to brush the beast back. They need to pick out one of David Ortiz’ chins and let a little music dance across the whiskers. And they need to do this immediately. Across the next three days, Randy Johnson, Mike Mussina and Shawn Chacon will each get three or four shots to put Ortiz on notice that, on behalf of the entire Yankee pitching staff, they are mad as he11.”

That makes sense doesn’t it? If you continue to read the article you’ll find that the offenses Papi is guilty of are twofold, he’s good, and he’s too comfortable at the plate.

Well, then let’s just behead him.

Vaccaro goes on to say "Look, no one is suggesting the Yankees aim at Ortiz’ head, or his ribs, and nobody is suggesting they should be looking to injure Ortiz – or even give him a free base by plunking him in his posterior."

Except, that’s exactly what the message of this piece is. Give Ortiz something to remember so he isn’t so comfortable at the plate.

If a Boston sports writer ever hinted, or as Vaccaro does, flat-out state, that the Red Sox should purposely hit ARod, or Derek Jeter or Johnny Damon or ANY of the Yankees, George Steinbrenner would hold a press conference and cry. Joe Torre would give sound bytes about how he thought we were above that in Boston…and Yankees fans would try to burn down Fenway Park. But because he’s a Red Sox player, who happens to be a Yankees Killer, Big Papi is fair game.

Here’s hoping Ortiz gets the last word tonight, and it’s delivered while everyone watches another bomb leave Yankee Stadium and while Randy Johnson slinks back to the dugout.

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