“Oh, Bronson, what have you done?”

Bronsonwithjohnny_2   I said that out loud as I read the headline at boston.com:  "Arroyo Deal Official".

Sometimes, I surprise even myself.

I’m thrilled for Bronson…and for me.  He wants to stay…I want him to stay.  This is a win-win for both of us (and his many other fans).  But I still worry about all the rumblings out there…the latest coming from WEEI that the Sox might try to flip Bronson to Cincinnati for Ken Griffey, Jr.

I like Junior.  Great player, bad luck with injuries.  I wouldn’t want him even if they didn’t flip Bronson to get him.

I keep asking people to remind me that most of the rumors we hear have absolutely no basis in truth and I should just be happy that Bronson signed the contract he did and that he’s going on about wanting to stay in Boston.

And I am.  I’m very happy with Bronson.  Who can’t love a guy who says:

"I agreed to this contract with strong advice from them (his agents) not to sign it, simply for the reason that I want to play in this town. I wouldn’t have signed a deal in any other place."

How many other players would say or do something like this?

                           Don’t trade Bronson.

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