It’s a good day!

Theo Epstein is back.Epstein_theo240

I’ve been saying all along I believed he was coming back, but I lied.  Well, maybe not lied, but I certainly didn’t truly believe that it would happen.  But it did.  It has.

Of course, there is no official capacity mentioned yet.  I’m guessing he’s coming back, as rumored, as John Henry’s assistant.  It’s a good day, indeed.  I have good feelings about Bronson staying in town…I have a good feeling about Theo being able to get us a centerfielder.

I literally did my "happy dance" when I heard the news tonight around 8pm. 

Epstein_theoI have a reason to love the Front Office again.

"Larry’s role does not change," John Henry said. "Details next week."

I wish I could truly articulate how important this is to those of us in Red Sox Nation.  I’m too giddy right now.  On a personal note, I adore Theo.  I had tears in my eyes at the Hot Stove, Cool Music concert earlier this month, watching Theo and realizing he wasn’t with the team any longer.  It’s odd to have such an opposite feeling now.

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