Afternoon Delight

While I won’t be able to stay online and type away during a live chat today, I’m still pleased that we get a noon baseball game!  (I’m fine but my left arm needs rest that joining in a live chat would not provide.)

Jason Varitek had what is hopefully not his last truly successful game of the season.  He caught two runners trying to steal and hit his first home run since a year ago.  Even had they not won, that made the night fun, but there’s no denying the win (their first this year against the Indians) was damn fun.

I was pleased that Josh Beckett addressed something that kept getting mentioned on NESN (and Twitter via all the beat writers):  the fact he’d never won a game in Cleveland:

The win was his first in four regular-season starts here, so when one reporter slipped up and forgot about that postseason victory and asked him about his first-ever win here, Beckett was ready.

“I think I won here in the playoffs — it’s not my first win at Progressive Field,” he said. Another reporter clarified it as his first “non-October win” here.

Beckett’s reached for a bottle of his top-shelf sarcasm.

“Those are bigger anyway, aren’t they?” he said.

It might be a small distinction to the people who cover the games, but I kept yelling it at the television (and computer) every time I heard or read it last night. (Also, at the time it was Jacobs Field…nipicky, I know.)  That win was so huge for the team it’s tough to forget.

It isn’t often we get to enjoy a noon baseball game so I’m excited to be able to watch a baseball game in the afternoon and not have to flip between it and the hockey game tonight.  (Yes, I’ve been watching the hockey playoffs, at least somewhat.  I’ve probably managed 2, 2 1/2 periods a game.  I definitely want the Bruins to win, I just wish I actually enjoyed the game more.  I still have a lot of issues with the violent nature of the game and the fans but for now I’ll just hope they end this tonight with a win.)

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