Early Exits


Well, the arm hasn’t fallen off but it’s in bad enough shape that I need to cancel tonight’s live chat.  Unfortunately, because of my one-armedness, tomorrow’s live chat might have to be canceled too.  It’s a little tough to do this with just one hand.  Hopefully by either the end of the week or beginning of next I should be in better shape to be live chatting.  Sorry, folks!

I’m not sure what it says about me that watching Dustin Pedroia leave the game last night didn’t freak me out, but it didn’t.  I was more bothered by the way Daniel Bard left, if I’m being honest.

There was a moment on NESN last night when the cameras showed Clay Buchholz’ reaction to Bard giving up what would become the winning run.  Clay pitched one hell of a game last night and deserved the win but Bard and the offense combined to stick him with the no-decision (along with Bard’s forth loss of the season).  Clay’s face went from hopeful the ball would be caught straight to a kind of “oh well” look.  No glove slamming, no swearing, no tossing up his hands and turning his back to the field.   No one wants to lose, especially games that seem so winnable, and Clay had every reason to be pissed about how his performance was squandered but he didn’t relay any of that in the moment.  I was impressed by his attitude.

Losses suck.  The best part is they get another chance tonight to win. As long as my left arm doesn’t fall off (a distinct possibility given how it’s been feeling) we’re live chatting tonight’s game.  Join us!

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