Don’t talk to strangers

He IS terribly pretty but I still hope he gives up six runs in the first.

He IS terribly pretty but I still hope he gives up six runs in the first.

I figured as a way to jumpstart my brain as well as celebrate my five years blogging I’d spend this week posting entries from 2005-2009.  My original plan was to go back each year and re-post the entry from this day in that year.  Apparently, though, this is the time of year when I get my writer’s block because last year on this date my post was nothing more than a picture of Jim Rice and Rickey Henderson  and underneath it I wrote:  “Congratulations, Jim Ed (hell and Rickey too!)…long overdue!”.

Hoo-boy, that’s good writing there, folks.

So I changed my mind and decided to celebrate the anniversary by posting my favorite entries from over the years.  Starting today and going through the end of the week, it’ll be flashback week at Toeing the Rubber.  This allows me to be both nostalgic and lazy!!!  It will also give newer folks a taste of what’s kept this blog going and my long-time readers will remember what drew them to me in the first place.  🙂

Disappointing last couple of days in Seattle but all I’ll say is this:  If Hideki Okajima doesn’t want to give the Boston sports media an opportunity to pile on with the “why did you stink” questions right after a game in which he did, in fact, stink, I’m really quite all right with that.  I understand why they want to ask but I also understand why he doesn’t want to deal with them.  As an annoying man once said, “The negativity in this town sucks”.  Find a real story and stop trying to create drama, people who get paid to write.

Clay Buchholz against old friend Joel Pineiro (or as Kyle Snyder dubbed him, “The Sexiest Man” in the 2007 Red Sox bullpen and a “Good-looking cat”) at 10:05pm ET.  Let’s hope Clay makes staying up for the game well worth it!

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