Three out of four won’t be bad

Jon Lester pitched wonderfully save for a couple of mistakes that the Mariners took advantage of.  Then again, the Mariners pitching was pretty damn effective as well.  I found the home run ball Crabby gave up to be the most disappointing event of the game.  Sure, Eric Patterson made an error on what seemed to be a routine play to end Lester’s perfect game run but instead of hunkering down and just pitching through it, he tossed up the meatball that gave the Mariners the lead.  No excuses for Patterson but there should be none for Lester either.  He let his emotions get the best of him and it showed.  He eventually settled down before giving up that triple to Milton Bradley, but I’m disappointed that he couldn’t collect himself in time to just get out of that inning without the M’s scoring.

While I’m all about winning each series (and they have the opportunity to do just that and avoid a split today at 4:10pm ET with Daisuke on the mound) I was really hoping for a sweep this time around to get the bad taste of the struggles the Sox have had this month.  Oh well.  July rolls on and the Sox are four games behind the Rays in the WC race (for those who will say I’m settling, one step at a time…let them catch up to the Rays and then we can focus on the Yankees).  They certainly aren’t in a hole they can’t dig themselves out of…not yet anyway.

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