Tell me why this world can turn me down

I took a bunch of photos of the Mad Thrower. This is my favorite.

Fair warning: I’m going to end up with more than one post about today. It was wild and wonderful and I had a great time!

Right now: The rocket scientist who threw the ball back on the field while Javier Lopez was pitching.

Unlike Luke Scott, I was sitting a section away from the ball thrower. Here’s what seemed to go down. Foul ball gets caught. I’m not sure if the guy caught it clean or he swiped it away from a kid, but in either event, when he caught it people around him started yelling “Give it to the kid!!”. So this super genius, rather than give it to the kid (or maybe he misunderstood and thought they wanted him to throw it back?), rifles the ball back onto the field…too close for my comfort (and security’s) to Javier Lopez.

Fenway security was immediately upon him and everyone around him booed him and went out of their way to point him out to security. This guy gave security the “What did I do” face and spent a lot of time pleading his case, to no avail. Fenway basically has a zero tolerance policy for this foolishness. So, Luke Scott, this had nothing to do with you, your team or even Javier Lopez.

I’m just happy it didn’t hit Javi. It would have been lousy if I got thrown out of the game for beating this guy up.

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