And the rivers shall open for the righteous

Could someone please explain this shirt to me? (Seriously. I don’t get it.)

One gets the idea that Jason Bay really still doesn’t get the mindset of Red Sox fans (thanks to KellyO for pointing me to the Ian Browne piece):

“I played a 10 o’clock game in ‘A’ ball about seven years ago or something. There were like 3,000 elementary students. They bussed in for it. It will be a lot like that, I guess.”

Isn’t that precious? Yeah, Jay Bay, it’ll be exactly like that. Except there will be 35,000 people and a great many of them will be having their first beers of the day at 9:15am. And that says nothing about the added people all around Fenway hanging out for the Marathon. 3,000 elementary school students. Oh, Jay Bay, you just make me want to pinch your cheeks.

We finally got the Jon Lester everyone was expecting us to get on Sunday. I’d love to get all tingly about that but one good outing doesn’t make me forget two bad ones that quickly. (Three if we count the Mets game, which I do.) Give me two more outings like this and I’ll be happy.

Mike Timlin – back on NESN!

Because the battery on my phone died Saturday and I didn’t recharge it, I missed a text message from a friend about having a ticket for Sunday’s game. It’s just as well for many reasons, but what I did miss by not being at Fenway, was seeing my man Mike Timlin! He made a special appearance at the park pre-game, throwing out a ceremonial first pitch. His wife is running in the Boston Marathon so the Timlin family is in town this weekend. I miss Mike terribly. Word seems to be that, after trying to connect with a team and failing to do so, he’ll be retiring this year. I’m torn between being sad for this happening and being pleased that the last team he’s associated with is the Boston Red Sox.

Michael August Timlin is one of my favorite, all-time, Red Sox players (as many of you know!). I choose to remember all the good he brought to the team (including having a little to do with both World Championships the Sox have celebrated since 2004). I wish he was still in Boston maybe hanging out at NESN. Think about it…he’d be a great addition!

Random photo of the day. Could the YES Network test the boundaries of good taste a little more? (Yes, this post highlights the depths of my odd infatuation with taking photos off the television. I took all of these photos today. At least this time I used an actual camera and not just the iPhone.)

The idea of leaving my house at 7am for a baseball game cracks me up, yet that’s exactly what I’ll be doing. I enjoy being at Fenway on Patriots Day even more than I do on Opening Day. There’s a different atmosphere at the park that you really can only explain to folks who have experienced it. The sports buzz in Boston is electric anyway but a day where there’s the Boston Marathon, an 11am baseball game and the anticipation of both basketball AND hockey playoff games that evening – well it’s going to be downright insane in town Monday. Wear your red, wear your green, wear your black and gold – whatever floats your boat – and get out and enjoy the atmosphere if you can!

Quick Kyle Snyder update – and thanks to everyone who has been emailing and asking me about his progress this season – sadly, the Buffalo Bisons are now 1-10 on the season. Kyle did get in Sunday’s game, relieving starter Jonathon Niese to complete the sixth by getting the final two outs (he was replaced by a pinch-hitter in the 7th). Kyle has 9 strike outs in 8.2 innings. He’s doing pretty well and I’m truly hoping he gets the call back up soon.

Red Sox aren’t in last place any longer (that honor goes to Tampa Bay right now) so rejoice, Sox fans, and celebrate Patriots Day in style!

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