Thursday doesn’t even start

Justin Masterson on Friday before the game. One of the few pictures I took not marred by gray skies and rain!

Friday was a long day full of much rain (the worst of it long before we got to Citi Field!). I think I’m still damp.

But we made it and the day was also full of much fun (in spite of Jon Lester proving, once again, that he isn’t too fond of me!). Prior to the game, there weren’t many lines and things seemed to be running smoothly in the concessions, but the wheels seemed to fall off during the game. (To paraphrase KellyO, any liquid that could come spewing out of an opening was doing so at one stand she went to.) But the Mets fans were, honestly, really great and the park is quite beautiful.

I’m hoping to get a better view of it today on the less gray day (?) – we didn’t check, yet, to see what the weather will be like. We were going for the element of surprise.

No Kyle Snyder sighting but I DID see a guy in a Mets jersey with “Buckner – 6” on the back. And on the train, after the game, a Mets fan approached me (I had a Sox sweatshirt on) and said “Too bad they fell short again – just like in 1986”.

Seriously. 🙂 He was pleasant enough, though, and all it did was make me laugh.

Apparently, unless you have tickets for the rows you are standing in, you can’t get close to the field during batting practice. That annoys me only in as long as you aren’t in the seat of someone who wants to sit in their seat at that moment, I don’t see the big deal. Oh well, I guess plenty of parks are doing this now.

The one thing I truly dislike about the park are the bullpens. They aren’t stacked like in Baltimore or Philadelphia, they aren’t side by side like in Fenway, they are one behind the other. And the Mets bullpen is in front of the visitor’s bullpen and open to all the elements. This means, when it started raining, the Red Sox were already under cover but the Mets pitchers had to huddle together under a small overhang…KellyO compared it to a bus stop shelter…just to stay dry. It makes no sense, to me, to design a bullpen in this way, but what do I know. I DO wonder what kind of visibility the visiting team has and if they can’t see the game, that opens up the possibility for bored men to get creative. Could be interesting viewing, the visiting bullpen at Citi Field.

We’ll be bolting soon for another day at the park. This time with (fingers crossed) less rain and maybe better lighting for pictures! (I took a ton on Friday. I’ll probably spend Sunday editing the best ones and I’ll post some here.) One more “meaningless” game, folks, until the real deal on Monday!

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