Yes we’re going to a party party

A picture I took at Fenway in June 2007. Just a few more days until Fenway!

It’s about 1:10 on Friday morning as I begin to write this and I just finished packing. I’m going to be gone two days and one night and most of that time is going to be spent at a ball park, yet it took me all night to get motivated enough to pack the bag. It isn’t that I’m not excited about going to New York, I truly am. It’s just that when I get excited I tend to need to do something to relax before I can focus on things I really need to do. Relaxing for me included watching the Giants beat the A’s on the MLB Network. I’m nothing if not predictable, huh?

Sox got a bit of a butt kicking from the Twins, but Brad Penny made it one step closer to the rotation, so the final game of Spring Training was a wash. The guys are creeping their way up north First New York for the weekend and then – Boston! It’s a cliche for a sports fan to say that the off-season felt long, but this one really did. And I know it doesn’t seem it to the folks in Ft Myers, but Spring Training alone just felt so long this year. Hallelujah, what we’ve waited for since October is finally upon us!

Apparently, the grand plan is to have it rain on us this weekend. I refuse to let that ruin our good time. First and foremost, I’m going to see Citi Field, so as long as we get into the park, the weekend will be a success for me. Getting to see the Sox play is just whipped cream on that sundae. (An appearance in some form by Kyle Snyder would be the cherry!) Meaning that with all my heart, I’m still hoping against hope that the weather isn’t as bad as people keep telling me it will be. Ah, spring in the Northeast!

Coolest story of the day had to be what the Buffalo Bisons are doing.

The Buffalo Bisons, Triple-A affiliate of the New York Mets, today announced that they will offer up to four FREE tickets to Opening Day 2009 to any person who has lost their job.

The Bisons recognize that many of the same fans that have helped the team set numerous attendance records have now fallen on hard times with the downturn in this country’s economy. With the hope and promise of Spring and a new baseball season, the team wanted to make sure that all their great fans and their families have a chance to attend Opening Day on Thursday, April 9 against the Pawtucket Red Sox (3:05 p.m.).

Say what you want. Choose the cynical route that this is just for the publicity. I say bah. All we hear about baseball is “It’s a business. They’re in this to make money”. Not this time. This is a wonderful way to show the fans that the team actually cares about them. Sure, it’s only one game…but it’s the Opening Day game and that’s a pretty special deal. Good for the Bisons.

The plan is to post at some point Friday night after the game (or after whatever ends up happening if the game is rained out) or Saturday morning. It all depends on the events of the evening. If, in fact, we do get to see some baseball this weekend, we get Lester on Friday and Matsuzaka on Saturday. I’m interested in seeing them both in person for the first time this year. I’m anticipating quite a few walks.

And, finally, a shout-out to my sister. April 3 is her birthday and she’s a good enough sport to not mind that I’m spending it in New York. Of course, I’m bringing her to Opening Day so I guess she can’t complain too much. Happy birthday, Junior!

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