Remain calm, people

I refuse to get all freaked out about Josh Beckett’s oblique.  It’ll suck if he can’t pitch, but Tito says he can, so we’ll deal with it if/when it comes up.  I’m not letting Steve Freaking Buckley control my emotions right now.

I’m still way too happy that Jonathan Van Every and Devern Hansack had the huge hands in beating the Yankees last night.  The guys get to go on the trip to Anaheim on a high note and that’s what makes me happy.

I’m quite sad that the season is over.  Post-season is fabulous and I’m thrilled, but I so will miss the regular season games.   No games every night?  Man, that bums me out.  But we get that exciting post-season charge now…although we have to deal with two “off-days” first (then again, we get one more regular season game tonight – even if it isn’t Boston).

At some point, I’m thinking AFTER the post-season, I’ll have my own wrap up of the season…right now, I’m just looking forward to seeing how far into October this team will take us.

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