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2:36pm – Got myself a cup of tea (with the bum ankle it took a bit of doing) and missed the first out.  I get to see JD Drew make a fabulous catch on Johnny Damon for the second out.  All you JD Drew naysayers can eat it.

2:38pm – The Rays are getting their asses kicked again (so far).  Pisses me off more about Friday night’s game that Tito pretty much gave away.  (Let it go, Cyn, let it go.  Maybe the Rays will continue to suck in the post-season…)

2:39pm – Bobby Abreu strikes out looking and Daisuke gets a 1-2-3 inning.  Nice way to start the game.

2:41pm – In the red jerseys I’m so fond of, here come the Sox.  First up – Jacoby Ellsbury.  Again, fellas, let’s beat the tar out of Mussina.

2:42pm – Jacoby grounds out pretty quickly.  Here’s one question, if you’re going to rest anyone, why not Tek?  We have enough catchers to cover him.

2:43pm – Dustin Pedroia just got thrown out at second by Johnny Damon.  I hope he receives much shit for this from his friends.  (They’re high-fiving him in the dugout.  Good God.)

2:45pm – Papi pops it up.  End of one.  That was fast.

2:48pm – ARod is out.  Sit down, Slappy.

2:50pm – Giambi strikes out swinging.  HGH isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

2:51pm – I wonder if Xavier Nady looks over at Jason Bay and wonders what might have been?

2:53pm – Fittingly, Nady flies out to Bay to end the inning.

2:56pm – Youk’s gal in the booth promoting yet another charity event that the average fan can’t afford to be involved with.

2:58pm – JD Drew walks and, thankfully, silences the gab.

2:59pm – Bay strikes out.  We have two out and JD on.  Mark Kotsay will bring us a run.  Woo.

3:00pm – Johnny Damon just smooshed his face into a wall.  Poor baby.

3:01pm – Stunningly, Kotsay makes an out.  Two innings done – no score.

3:04pm – Cano starts off the third with a double.  Ugh.

3:06pm – Cody Ransom strikes out.  One down, one on and the adopted Molina is up.

3:08pm – Molina strikes out swinging and Cano steals third.  One more out, Daisuke.

3:11pm – Which he gets.  Poor Robbie is stuck at third.

3:14pm – Lowrie is out and the Captain is up…and down 0-2.

3:15pm – Tek grounds out and brings up Jacoby.    Thus far the only Sox hit is by Pedroia (single and then thrown out by Johnny Freaking Damon at second).  Remy warns us (and NESN show us) that it is “getting awfully dark”.

3:16pm – Mussina gets another 1-2-3 inning and now Tedy Bruschi and his wife are trying to sell me insurance.

Javier Lopez Photo by Kelly O'Connor

Javier Lopez Photo by Kelly O'Connor

3:18pm – Jonathan Papelbon and Sean Casey lipsynching to Bon Jovi.  MLB certainly knows its audience.

3:20pm – Johnny Damon grounds out to Jed Lowrie.  Meanwhile, have I mentioned that the Rays are losing?

3:23pm – Bobby Abreu walks and here come the boos for Slappy.

3:26pm – Bobby Abreu steals second base and gives himself a boo-boo.  Still in the game, though.  He’s a gamer.

3:27pm – Slappy walks on what looked like called strike 3.  Phil Cuzzi gives ARod a huge break.

3:28pm – HGHiambi is up.  Double play please.

3:30pm – Or, just as good, Daisuke strikes him out to bring up Xavier Nady.

3:32pm – Or not.  Nady hits a three-run homer and JD Drew smashes into a wall.  Ugh.

3:33pm – So the not called strike 3 comes back to haunt Daisuke.  I hate the umps.  3-0 Yanks.

3:34pm – Javier Lopez is up in the pen.  If I can’t have Kyle on the team, at least there’s Javy…

3:35pm – Daisuke gives up another hit to Cano.  Let’s just get out of this inning, eh?

3:37pm – OR give up a base hit to Cody Ransom.  Whatever works for you, Daisuke.

3:38pm – The adopted Molina ends the inning.  3-0 Yanks.  It’s kind of funny that the Yankees are playing the Sox so well yet aren’t even going to sniff the playoffs.

3:40pm – Tampa Bay just took the lead against Detroit.  And her comes Dustin to try and get another hit…

3:42pm – Which he does because Ransom can’t handle the hop – woo!!!  Keep it coming, Pedie!

3:44pm – Papi gets a single with Youk coming up.  We’re coming to crush your dreams, Moose!

3:46pm – Youk flies out. Pedroia moves to third.  One out, two on and here comes JD.

3:48pm – JD hits into a double-play.  3-0 end of four.  I’m in for more tea.

3:55pm – While getting tea, Javier came into the game and got an out, and Johnny Pesky visited the booth.  Johnny Damon makes an out and Javy has two down with Bobby Abreu up.

3:58pm – Javier looks very different in person (and in civies) than he does on tv and with the uniform on.  It was his chin hair that really sealed it for me last night (meaning, that’s how I knew for sure it was him).

3:59pm – Abreu walks and we see Lenny Clarke sitting with Dennis Drinkwater behind home plate.

4:00pm – A really strange pitch bounces off Tek and moves Abreu to second base.  ARod has a 3-1 count.

4:01pm – Lenny is heckling ARod about “money”.  Dennis Drinkwater yells at people for taking cell phone calls during the game so it must be KILLING him to sit there and listen to Lenny.  😆

4:02pm – Some weird-ass stuff gives ARod an infield hit.  Wasn’t a bunt, but close enough, and Javy couldn’t get to it.  Come on, Javy.  Get out of this inning and there are some s’mores in it for you!

4:05pm – Wooo Javy!!!! Strike 3 called on HGHiambi to end the inning!!!  Way to go.  Let’s get some runs back, fellas!

4:08pm – Jason Bay strikes out.  It makes sense.  He’s a nice guy.  He doesn’t want to make Mike Mussina cry.

4:09pm – Since Mark Kotsay doesn’t mind seeing ME cry, let’s see if he feels the same about Mussina.

4:10pm – Nope, still just me.  And now Heidi and Tito are talking about how great he (Kotsay) is.  Eat me.

4:12pm – Lowrie strikes out.  Four innings gone…no runs for the Sox, three runs for the Yanks.

4:15pm – Apparently Jed and Phil Cuzzi had words and Youk intervened (between innings).  Jed is still in the game, though, so all must be well.  MDC is in the game now and throws and already has Nady down 0-2.

4:16pm – And then gives Nady his second hit of the day.

4:17pm – Lowrie makes a great diving play and flips to Pedie to get Nady out, but they can’t get Cano at first.  Good job, Jed!

4:19pm – Dale Sveum might actually be managing a team in the playoffs this year.  It’s Bizarro MLB!!

4:20pm – Little Manny walks Cody Ransom.  I feel like we’ve been watching this game for six hours.  Two on, one out and the adopted Molina is up (and hits into a double play – woo!).

4:22pm – “Rusty something.  Big guy.  Got this sidearm, Bugs Bunny, curveball”.  I love the Justin Masterson Olympia Sports commercial!

4:24pm – Tek, Ellsbury and Pedroia are up this inning.  Hits, boys, hits.

4:25pm – Tek walks.  I’ll take it.  Tek is now out of the game and George Kottaras is in.  Come on, Jacoby, bring George home!

4:27pm – Oooor not.  One out, One on. Here comes Dustin to take over the batting crown, baby!

4:29pm – Crap. Double play.  End of inning, no hit for Pedroia.  3-0 Yanks at the end of 6.

4:30pm – On a lark I clicked on the link at redsox.com for tonight’s game.  Seems like there are a few seats available if you’re so inclined to go.

4:32pm – Kottaras came in and ran for Tek but David Ross is behind the plate now.  Cyn says “huh?”.

4:33pm – Little Manny already has two outs..

4:36pm – Abreu hits the crap out of the ball yet Jacoby finds a way to catch it.  Time to stretch, peeps.

4:38pm – CC Sabathia pitched a complete game, four-hitter.  If/when the Mets lose, the Brewers, yes, the Brewers, will be in the post-season.

4:40pm – Moose is out of the game.  Let’s hit the bullpen, fellas.

4:41pm – But not Papi.  Papi wants to make the first out.

4:42pm – And Youk.  Youk strikes out and is 0-3 today.  Wednesday can’t get here soon enough.

4:44pm – Drew strikes out…end of seven, 3-0 Yanks.

4:46pm – Jonathan Van Every comes in for JD Drew and Hideki Okajima is on the mound and throws  a strike to Slappy.

4:47pm – Oki gets ARod to go down swinging on an off-speed pitch.  Sit down, Slappy.

4:49pm – HGHiambi pops up.  Two out.

4:50pm – Nady strikes out.  Sweet inning Oki!

4:54pm – Joba Chamberlain is in and Jason Bay walks on four pitches.

4:46pm – Okay Mark Kotsay wants me to shut up and hits a ground rule double.  Dammit.  Could have been a run.

5:00pm (somewhere I lost time!) – Joba is out after two batters, Bruney is in against Jed Lowrie.  Two on, no outs…Come on, boys, this is still winnable.

5:03pm – Lowrie strikes out on another questionable call.  He’s going to kick Phil Cuzzi’s ass after the game.

5:04pm – Chris Carter comes in to pinch hit for David Ross.  Carter has some serious Mark Bellhorn hair going on.

5:05pm – Second and third with one out and Carter grounds out…we get a run back.  Nicely done.

5:06pm – Bruney is out of the game…pitching change break!

5:09pm – Demaso Marte is in and NESN shows a sign “Is it raining or are the Yankees crying?”.  Okay, I have to laugh.  That’s a good one.  Jacoby has two strikes on him with Kotsay on third and two outs.

5:10pm – I guess since this is all the Yanks have to hold onto (Moose’s 20th win) it makes sense:  Mariano Rivera is warming up.

5:11pm – The rain has picked up again…wonder if the 7:35pm game will be delayed.

5:11b – Ellsbury keeps his hitting streak going and Kotsay scores!!!! 3-2 Yankees.  And here comes Mo.

5:14pm – And here comes your American League MVP.

5:15pm – Pedroia takes a huge swing at the first pitch…strike one.

5:16pm – Mo gets that pitch call that is only a strike when he throws it (eye rolling here) – strike two.

5:16b – Pedroia strikes out to end the inning.  3-2 Yanks.  Sox have one more chance to make Moose cry.

5:20pm – Papelbon is in (as is Kevin Cash) and gives up a hit in the POURING rain to Robinson Cano.

5:21pm – And now a hit to Cody Ransom.  First and third, no outs.

5:22pm – The adopted Molina flies out but a run scores.  I truly dislike Mike Mussina.

5:24pm – Papi, Youk and Van Every are scheduled to come up in the ninth.  I’m just glad Youk isn’t going up against Joba.  I don’t trust Joba not to go out of his way to do damage on him.

5:25pm – Papelbon continues to annoy the shit out of me by giving up yet another hit.

5:26pm – Not so incidentally, why the fuck is our closer on the mound in a meaningless game when it is pouring out?  Remy and Donnie O would like to know as well.

5:29pm – Paps walks Demon to load the bases and bring up Melky Cabrera.  At this point I couldn’t care less how he pitches, just that he gets off the damn mound.  I’m getting really pissed at Tito for this – there’s no reason for it.

5:30pm – With men on second and third and two outs (I’m skipping around stuff now because I’m annoyed) Slappy is up.  Oh, and it’s 5-2 Yanks.

5:35pm:  Text message from KellyO who is at the game and has tickets for tonight’s game:  “You don’t know what I would give to hear “Ladies and Gentlemen, fuck it, we’re canceling the night game.”.  😆

5:36pm – Lowrie can’t field the ball properly and ARod gets a hit and an RBI.  6-2 Yanks.  Paps is having a bad game – good thing it doesn’t count.

5:40pm – It’s totally ugly and Paps is pissed at himself (“Paps makes God cry” is another text I got from Kelly) the top of the 9th is, thankfully, over.  6-2 Yankees.

5:43pm – Paps is pissed.  At himself, I’m sure.  I wonder if he was pissed about being out there in the first place.  I’M still pissed that Tito put him in that position (which I don’t think had anything to do with his poor pitching…I just don’t think he should have been out there).

5:44pm – Cody Ransom keep keep a hold on the ball so Papi reaches to start the ninth.

5:45pm – Jeff Bailey is in to run for Papi.    They just showed Papelbon kicking a heater and then rubbing his foot.  If he hurt his foot, I might have to beat someone to death.

5:46pm – ARod throws out Youk and Youk heads to the dugout limping. Seriously, if guys get hurt today, I’m putting out a contract on Tito.  WTF?

5:48pm – Van Every pops it up.  2 outs.  Mike Mussina is a Jason Bay out away from finally getting his 20th win in a season.  Yippee.

5:50pm – Jason Bay has a full count.  Either hit a home run or end our misery, Jay Bay.

5:51pm – He ends our misery.  Sox lose.  I’ll be back tonight if they end up playing, at the very least, to see if Paps and Youk hurt themselves.  I might have to hobble over to Fenway and boot Tito in the ass.

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