Let’s talk baseball tonight

Kyle Snyder Head Shot from the PawSox Site

Kyle Snyder Head Shot from the PawSox Site

I went from thinking I was too tired to write, to writing my third of four new posts (I think four – as of now the fourth will be a post about last Friday for tomorrow…I might be inspired to write more though).  Postapalooza, as Ted says!

Both the PawSox and the SeaDogs lost the first of their playoff games tonight.  PawSox just got hammered by the Yankees and the SeaDogs lost a 2-1 game to the Thunder.  Meh…one game, right?  Just one game.  They have plenty of time left to come back.

Much to my delight, Kyle got into the game tonight.  He faced 8 batters, striking out three in a row (swinging) and giving up three hits.  One of his strike outs was Shelley Duncan.  Yeah, that pleased the hell out of me.

Thanks to an amazing, late-inning comeback, the Red Sox helped themselves pick up another game in the division.  The Yanks just beat the Rays (yep, I was rooting for the Yanks – go figure!) so it’s been quite the day for baseball.

We also saw history tonight on ESPN…first time “Instant Replay” was used in MLB.  And, what a surprise, eh Kenny Rogers, it was used during a Yankees game.  ARod gets his homer and his rbi and the Rays get their loss.  We’re coming to get you, Tampa Bay!  🙂

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