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Mike Piazza Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Mike Piazza Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Since I can’t sleep and am full of energy…I’ve decided to start a new segment of the site – Five Fun Facts.  Aren’t you glad you’re up for this? :)  First up, Mike Piazza (why not?)!

September 4, 2008 is the fortieth birthday of Mike Piazza.  He’s one of those players I’ve just always liked and I was terribly disappointed when, earlier this year, he retired because no team had picked him up.

He had a wonderful career and was, by most accounts, a good guy and he put up with a lot of garbage during his time in MLB.  Even now he’s a bit of a polarizing figure.  Many fans “hate” him while others don’t.

I’m in the “don’t” department.

SO, in honor of Mike Piazza’s 40th birthday (he’s a little over three months older than me – woo!) here are five fun facts:

*  His best friend is Fox color commentator (he of the fabulous hair) Eric Karros

*  His wife is a former Playboy Playmate

*  Along with Derek Jeter and Bernie Williams, he is one of only 3 MLB players to hit a World Series home run in both Yankee Stadium and Shea Stadium

*  He thinks Barry Bonds is the greatest player he’s ever seen (oh Mike…you gives me a sad)

*  He’s a practicing Roman Catholic who doesnt’ believe if “praying for victory” (wonder if he prayed for God to smite Roger Clemens?  I know I did!)

Happy 40th birthday, Mike Piazza!

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