Good luck with that

I’m not going to rant about how crappily the sports writers messed up today (mind you, Gwynn and Ripken?  Totally deserving…well, Gwynn more than Ripken but that’s just a personal opinion.  Both good choices but clearly there are many others who should be in there and I’m worn out arguing about it).

SO, let’s take a walk down memory lane.  The year is 2006 and because Theo Epstein, apparently, never heard the axiom "You can never have too much freaking pitching boy genius!!!!!" Bronson Arroyo is pitching in Cincinnati, David Wells is on the disabled list and Matt Clement is pitching…well, let’s just say if you were going to send someone out to pitch against the Yankees and your choices were Matt Clement or my five year-old niece, Madison would have been starting for the Sox back in the early summer.

So who did the Sox turn to?  Kyle Snyder, Kason Gabbard…and the always memorable Jason Johnson.  Jason was a sentimental favorite because, among other reasons, he is a diabetic and the media made a big deal out of how  he was allowed to wear his insulin pump while he pitched.  He was a nice kid.  Enthusiastic and sweet.  And he, to put it nicely, stunk up the place.

He’s no longer on the Red Sox, just like  Daisuke Matsuzaka is no longer on the Seibu Lions.

As a matter of fact, guess who is now ON the Seibu Lions? 

You betcha…Jason Johnson.  For tens of millions of dollars, Dice-K is our man.  Seibu?  They get Jason Johnson.  This could possibly start and international incident.

(Good luck, Jason!)

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