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Had a nice get-together with some of the ‘sistahs‘ yesterday.  We sat, overlooking the Green Monster and chatted about, among other things, baseball.  It was a great day.

Of course, the topic of ‘the list’ came up and we speculated, as it seems everyone is, on whose name could be on it.  I’m not naive enough (nor are my friends) to believe that the names of Red Sox players couldn’t be on the list of almost 100 players who tested positive for steroids.  In all probability, there’s a name from every team. 

I visited some baseball message boards over the past couple of days to see what the fans all think of this.  It’s interesting that just about every fan base except the Red Sox has fans who believe David Ortiz’ name will be on that list.  As I wrote, I’m not naive enough to think there will be NO Red Sox named, but Papi isn’t really where I was going with my list of possible players from Boston.  It’s funny that the fans seem to go straight to Ortiz just because he plays well, ignoring all the other factors that go into why someone should legitimately be suspected of using.

Of all the players I THINK could have tested positive for the Red Sox in 2003, only one is still on Boston’s roster this year.  That’s as much as I’ll say about my beliefs, since I think it is unfair to start an accusatory witch hunt on any players, not just the Red Sox.

Sidenote for those who will jump right on this:  Jason Giambi, Gary Sheffield and Barry Bonds don’t fit the criteria as, one way or another, we’ve all been made aware that they HAVE used.

If it helps build a case against Bonds, I say it’s well worth it.  And if it helps keep Lance Williams and Mark Fainaru-Wada out of prison, they should step it up.

I’m guessing the names on the list will never be officially released to the public…that we’ll read about leaks and only find out about Bonds if he’s on it because of the case against him.  But I think it’s worth even finding out that players I like and respect are on this list if baseball is ever going to truly clean up its act.  And shame on the players’ union.  If they were even remotely serious about wanting to comply with the rules and wanting baseball cleaned up, they wouldn’t be appealing this decision. 

My sistah Dale said it best yesterday when she said she enjoyed baseball more when we just watched the games and cheered for our team.  With this ‘age of information’ upon us, we know far too much about these players.  It starts to **** the fun out of it.

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