Here Comes Game 1

If you haven’t seen Mark’s World Series blog, head over there now!  Not only is his access amazing, but he is taking some spectacular pictures.  He makes me feel like I’m there!

Maybe that’s why I’m getting excited for the game tonight.  Between Mark’s blog and all the reading I’ve been doing on the Tigers and the Cardinals, I really can’t wait!

It’s the first time in a while where I haven’t really picked a team I WANT to win.  I’ll be happy if either team wins (maybe that will change as the series progresses), but there seems to be a small part of me rooting for the Cardinals a little bit more than the Tigers.  It’s all this "Oh the Cardinals have no chance", and "the Tigers are a team of destiny" talk that is annoying me.

I know what the Cardinals’ record was for the regular season.  I don’t care.  I don’t care if people think they ‘don’t deserve to be here’.  They do.  As much as DH’s are ‘real’ players and games played under artificial light actually count.

You might not like the current rules for teams to make it into the playoffs – but since that’s what we have to work with, these are the teams we get.  The Cardinals fought hard to get where they are, just as hard as the Tigers.  They deserve the same respect the Tigers are getting.

I never make specific predictions (they most specific I’ve been is to say that the Yankees wouldn’t make it very far in the playoffs.  I’m one for one.) but I do think playing against the Cardinals won’t be the cakewalk for the Tigers that most of the media and fans seem to think it will be.

I’m just excited to get to watch some more meaningful baseball before the fall truly sets in.

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