The wait, she is over.

YadiwainwrightWow.  I posted on a private message board tonight that I thought, after that catch by Endy Chavez, that the Mets were going to win this.  I didn’t think it was going to come down to the last inning and the last out. 

Congratulations to the Cardinals.  When you get down to the seventh game, and the score is tied for nine innings, it turns into a game of luck.  The Cards had it, the Mets didn’t.  I’m so happy for Jeff Suppan – he definitely earned his MVP (and good for him to tell ESPN that he’s ‘living in the moment’ when asked to remember an at-bat from the sixth inning).

Fox tried their best to make me feel sad for the Mets fans.  I had a few twinges remembering 2003.  But, truthfully, the team I wanted to win this won, so I’m happy.  Congrats to the Cards and their fans! (Sorry, "Mom".  I know how much you wanted the Mets to win.  Look at it this way, now you get to root against them in the World Series!)

Ken Rosenthal interviewed Willie Randolph after the game.  All season long, my father would watch Mets games and tell me how much he liked Randolph and how he wanted to see him and his team do well.  Given Randolph’s baseball history, this surprised me a little coming from my dad, but he stuck to his word and to the end wanted Willie to win.  After watching him in the post-game interview, I have to say I wish he was going to the World Series instead of Tony LaRussa.  (Not the entire team, mind you, but the managers.  I’m not a big LaRussa fan.)  Willie was the epitome of class.  Complimenting the Cardinals but also his own team and talking about the fans as well.  I’m extremely impressed.

This game ended with one of my biggest pet peaves in baseball.  On a CALLED strike.  It’s game 7, there are two outs with the bases loaded.  SWING THE DAMN BAT.

The Cards were chanting "Yadi" in the clubhouse.  Yadier certainly came up big for them in this series.  I’ll be interested in seeing how the New York press reacts to this.  Lowly Yadi coming up the way he did and David Wright, well, NOT.

(Yes, I know David Wright isn’t the only one who didn’t perform, and he DID knock in the only run for the Mets tonight…but he IS the one everyone across baseball was touting as the next Mr. October.)

ESPN has Steve Phillips on "Baseball Tonight".  They haven’t shown a close-up yet.  I wonder if he’s gloating, the dope.  (Not a Phillips fan either.)

I’ve absolutely decided that I’m in favor of the DH.  If for no other reason, than I found this series (aside from Endy’s catch, the ensuing double play and the ninth inning – all in this game) painfully boring.  I’m convinced it is because of the lack of a DH in there to do some whacking of the ball.

ESPN is trying to second-guess having Oliver Perez pitching.  The kid did a great job.  But the Cardinals pitchers just had a little more than the Mets did.

It hit me watching the Cards celebrate that this World Series is going to be fun to watch because I like both teams.  I think I’m leaning a little bit more toward the Cardinals to win it all…but I’d like to see the Tigers do it too.  So this year, for the first time in a few, there’s no pressure to watch.  I want both teams to do well and can just sit back, watch it and enjoy it!

Mets put up a good fight.  Cards just put up a better one.  Good times.  🙂

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