Psycho Killer

Thanks to Rick for pointing this out on his blog (since I did watch the Tigers/A’s game wondering where the heck he was!).

Now, given the post I just wrote about "Judy" (which I wrote before I read Rick’s entry about Lyons), maybe I should be more supportive of Fox’s decision.  I just find is a bit suspicious that Lyons says something stupid on Friday and is fired immediately after the game.  No opportunity to say "I’m sorry" no chance to explain himself publicly.  Boom.  He’s gone.  It smells like Fox was looking for a reason to get rid of Lyons and found one with his idiotic comments from Friday night.

Keith Hernandez makes ridiculous comments about women in baseball and he still has a job.  Rick Sutcliffe makes a drunken **** out of himself…still employed (although ESPN did suspend him one game).

There is no one who will convince me that Fox has higher standards.

Hey, I think what he said was ridiculous…maybe even worthy of being fired or at the least, suspended.  But he didn’t even get a chance to explain himself; things happened pretty quickly.  I smell something fishy over at Fox. 

And, sadly, we’re still stuck with Thom Brennaman.  Sigh.

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