“It’s your duty, Judy”

Okay, someone explain this to me.  "It’s your duty, Judy" is what Joe Buck just called Tommy Lasorda’s catch phrase about watching the playoffs this year.

What is it supposed to mean?  Obviously it isn’t targeted toward women named "Judy", so it is supposed to refer to the ‘babies’ who don’t want to watch the post-season because their team isn’t in it?  Is using a woman’s name supposed to be degrading to the men not watching baseball? 

Tommy Lasorda has a reputation for being anti-gay, even with a son who was openly gay (something Lasorda wouldn’t admit to, even when his son died from complications brought upon by AIDS).  Anyone who has paid attention or who knows how to use "Google" could tell you about this reputation.  So what was MLB thinking using this "Judy" line as their slogan?

I’m not offended by it.  I have no real use for Tommy Lasorda so whatever he does just kind of rolls off me.  But MLB is, yet again, showing how thoughtless it can be.  Using a woman’s name as an insult…calling fans who don’t care about the post-season ‘babies’…great ways to foster fan appreciation of all things MLB.

Between ad campaigns like this one and the ‘contests’ MLB sponsors that are geared toward the men…MLB obviously needs more women working within the league.  Or at the very least, doing their public relations.

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