One down, but not out

August112006lowellI’ll take it.  Everyone contributed and it was obvious these guys knew this was a big game.  Each starter in the lineup had a hit.  Wells pitched  seven innings and gave up nine hits, but only one run.  Kyle Snyder pitched two innings, giving up one run on two hits.  Wily Mo threw Jeff Conine out at home.  Alex Gonzalez hit a triple!  Javy Lopez is picking it up offensively and seemed to really click with David Wells.  Mark Loretta went 3-4 and Manny continued his hitting streak.  It was just a great game to watch all-around.

Okay, not all around.  In the first inning, Mike Lowell was hit in the head by a pitch.  It was a scary minute or so…but he stood up, shook it off and, seemingly against his manager’s preference, stayed in the game.  Scary, scary stuff.

But then something happened.  As Tom Caron said later on NESN, Lowell was like that guy in the Snicker’s commercial.  "I’m Batman!"  After hitting an rbi single in the third (scoring Big Papi), Lowell made it to second on a WMP single and then decides to STEAL THIRD.  And does so, successfully.  It was the second time this year he stole third against the O’s (the first time being back in May at a game I August112006lowell2attended).  He ended up scoring that inning, but the big play in the third was his defensive prowess.  Many times Mike has flashed leather this year…so  much so, he’s giving Eric Chavez a run for that Gold Glove.  But last night was a little different.

He followed a Nick Markakis pop up into the stands.  Ending up on his back, holding the glove and ball up the entire time so there was no mistake he made the catch.

Said Mark Loretta, "…of course his catch was one of the best of the year. I think that provided some inspiration tonight for us."

A lot of Red Sox fans were calling for a base"brawl" to kick this team into gear…I think maybe Mike Lowell found a better way.

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