How ugly was that?

My man Mike Timlin gives up the game-tying homerun in the bottom of the eighth,and then the game-winning homerun in the bottom of the ninth after Varitek gets the game-tying homerun in the top of the ninth.

Timlin wasn’t even the worst thing about this game.  There were just too many weird things going on.  I mean, that in-the-park homerun?  What the heck was THAT?  Were there poppy seeds in the outfield today?  It seems like everyone out there for both sides was playing in a fog.

I would have preferred being another game up on the Yankees, but at least the damage is minimal with the Yankees losing to the Blue Jays today.

It’s funny how quiet the Yankees fans who usually come here to tell  me how much better their team is than mine have been this week.

Well, losing the series is disappointing, but certainly not heartbreaking. 

Next three games are in Oakland.  Two 10pm games and one 3:30pm game.  So no live blogs – but I’ll definitely be watching.

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