Two more nights at Fenway!

Tonight and tomorrow night (tomorrow  night with my sister and my niece Madison!), I’ll be at Fenway yet again. Tim Wakefield and Jon Lester will be pitching.  I’m planning on seeing some fun baseball.

Ended up not watching the ESPYs and, based on Mark’s comments on my previous post, I’m very glad.  As he noted, last year the Red Sox swept their categories (actually, I think they might have lost one of them) and this year the White Sox got blanked.  Baseball got blanked, really. 

I think that is very telling in regard to the difference in how baseball fans felt about the Red Sox winning compared to how they felt about the White Sox winning.  Even though both teams waiting a long time for their rings, the Red Sox ALCS and WS games had a much different feel than the White Sox games. 

I say we blame AJ Pierzynski and Ozzie Guillen.  🙂

Even with my trips to Fenway, it’s going to be a rough week…tough for me to ‘bounce back’ into a full week of work AND two games after last week’s two and a quarter days of work!

Sox are a half game up in first place.  I don’t love it, but I’m happy it isn’t a half game back!

Have a great day, folks!

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