What is it with Cubs fans?

What is this ‘throwing things on the field when our team does poorly" thing?

AJ Pierzynski hits a home run…Cubs fans throw stuff on the field.
Mets score 11 runs (including 2 grand slams) in one inning…Cubs fans throw stuff on the field.
(Ooh…and there is a fan near a microphone yelling "Mets ****" and "you throw like a girl"…that’s funny stuff right there.)

We just had a truly crappy weekend at Fenway…a four-day weekend where we got a loss in extra innings and two, count them TWO, drubbings.  Oddly enough, there was no trash throwing at Fenway.

I realize the Cubs are 16.5 games out of first place and it must be frustrating for their fans – but show a little class, folks.  Your team losing, coupled with you all looking like extremely poor losers – well, it doesn’t say much for Chicago.  Plus, it probably makes Ozzie Guillen happy – and none of us want that, do we?

The ESPYs will be on as soon as this game is over.  Haven’t decided if I’m watching it, even though my boy Jake was there.  I mean, we already know who the winners are and I don’t think I want to hear Lance Armstrong pretend he’s witty by making lame "gay-themed" jokes at Jake Gyllenhaal.

They just showed a Cubs fan on ESPN wearing a paper bag over his head.  How sad.  I don’t care what spot in the standings the Red Sox are in, having a bad season would NOT make me embarrassed of being a Red Sox fan.  If you can’t support your team when they’re losing, you don’t deserve to support them when they’re winning.

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