I am embarrassed to be an American League fan

Congratulations, White Sox fans, on stuffing the ballot box and getting yet ANOTHER White Sox player in the All Star Game who certainly has other people over him more deserving.

I’m one of those people who still like the fans voting for the all stars.  But Ozzie Guillen turned this into his own little circle jerk and the White Sox fans added on.

It will be tough rooting for the American League this year.  Not sure if I’ll be able to do it.  I guess it’ll be something I figure out as the game goes on.  I’ll definitely root for my guys, but I have to really think about whether or not I want "Ozzie’s" team to win.

Home field advantage, bah!  Ozzie needs a swift kick in the pants and someone to take him down a few pegs.

Again, good show White Sox fans.  Since you all don’t want the American League to win this year, why should any of us?

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