Reports of the offense’s demise have been greatly exaggerated

After five innings, 5-2, Sox.  Papi and Manny both have multi-run homeruns and even Doug Mirabelli has a homer!

Wake has given up two solo homeruns…and his offense is backing him up.  So far, so good.

So much is being made of Manny not going to the All Star Game – well, I’m glad he isn’t.  (I’ll be glad if he decides to go…but I’m happier if he sits it out.)  Of course, I’d be glad if all our guys who were picked didn’t go.  I’m a big fan of the ‘three days rest’ bit. 

Edited to add – WOOHOO!  AGon hits a triple that scores Doug "Okay I guess MAYBE I gained a little weight while I was in San Diego" Mirabelli!

My boys are back.  (and thank you Mr. Wakefield!)

Oh yeah, two Red Bulls for lunch again today.  I’m not live-blogging…but I am up for a while.

Another edit…I get not being embarrassed by the Tampa Bay Heckler if you’re a Tampa Bay fan, because my understanding is that, outside from being obnoxious at the games, he’s actually quite a nice and generous guy.  But this bleach-blonde, mulletted, wrestler dude?  He pretends to beat up people (umps?) between innings?  THIS is good entertainment for the kids and the way to get your fan base hyped up? 

It’s a tie between which fan base embarrasses me more, the White Sox or the Devil Rays. Have to say, right now, the Devil Rays are winning that race.  Honestly, what the heck is THAT?

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