Tomorrow is a holiday, huh?

I was one of the lucky folks to get today off.  My office closed and gave us the extra day.  My plans for the weekend fell through, so I’m home – and today, between coming in the house and checking my email and, subsequently, this blog – I spent the day outside with my niece Madison.  So, now, I’m pooped.  🙂 

So, in order to keep my eyes open tonight (heck, I fell asleep before the end of the third inning of the Yanks/Mets game last night!), I’m live blogging.  I’ve done a  lot more of these than I ever intended.  I hope people enjoy them.  They’re a good way for me to 1) stay awake for some games and 2) work out all my nervous energy during a game through my fingers.  So, I do it for me, but hopefully folks get something out of it as well.

And Beckett is pitching against the Devil Rays, so their will be ample opportunities for Yankees fans to come over and tell me how either 1) it doesn’t matter that the Sox are winning because it is only against the Devil Rays or 2) how pathetic the Sox are for losing to the Devil Rays.  See, it’s a win-win situation for the anti-Sox crowd!  (Which is what I should have written in the first sentence instead of just "Yankees fans", to be fair.)

Sox killer Scott Kazmir (are Mets fans still missing him?) is on the mound for the Devil Rays tonight.  That should definitely make for an interesting game.

My decision has been made.  My all star "final votes" are going to Nomar and Francisco Liriano.  Regardless of which player you vote for, go vote!  Unless you’re voting for AJ Pierzynski or Billy Wagner.  The Mets don’t need another representative in the game and no one wants to see AJ get beat up in Pittsburgh.  (Okay, sure I do…but not at the All Star Game!)

I’ll be here around 7:15ish (Probably a little earlier.  7:15?  Do people in Florida not know how to tell time?  What is with the whacked start times at both Florida parks?) with a Red Bull and a smile.

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