Random thoughts about yesterday

Lorettajune21* Mark Loretta ended his hitting streak yesterday at 13 games.  But he did it the right way, hitting a sacrifice fly that scored the winning run.  We’ll take it!

* Sox swept the Mets last week, and this weekend the Yanks took two out out three from them (with authority, as they say).  Sorry, I remain unimpressed with the team as a whole.

  • * Mark Loretta, David Ortiz, Manny Ramirez and Jonathan Papelbon are going to the All-Star Game!Congratulations, guys – the honor is well-deserved!

* Curt Schilling and Josh Beckett are  NOT going to the All Star Game.  I suppose I get Beckett, but Schilling absolutely deserved to be on there.

* So, with an 8 run lead, Captain Intangibles steals a base and that’s okay?  If one of the Red Sox pulled that, this blog would be overflowing with Yankees fans talking about what little class we had and how the team is made up of bad sports.  I suppose when Jeter does it that’s ‘playing the game like it should be’. 

* I’d still take Bronson Arroyo back in a second, but even he would have to admit that had Theo Epstein not traded him, no way does he make it to the All Star Game.  Congratulations, Bronson.  Your honor is also well-deserved.  But, I DO hope you get rocked (unless you’re pitching against ARod or Jeter).  🙂

* I’m glad IRod got the nod over Tek.  Although I really think Mauer should have been the number one pick.  I love our Captain, but he isn’t playing up to All Star level right now – and I’d rather he have the mini-vacation.  (Props to my sister.  Yesterday afternoon she came over and said "IRod will be the starting catcher".  I responded with, "Not this year".  Although a huge Tek fan, my sister was excited that she ended up being right!)

* Orlando Cabrera reached base safely yesterday for the 59th game in a row – breaking the record among active players (see ya, Barry).  He also stole home yesterday to give the Angels a 2-0 lead over the Dodgers!

* Speaking of the Dodgers – Nomar got left off the All Star team this year.  So go vote for him in the "Final Vote".  I haven’t decided which player I’m voting for in the AL Final Vote, all I know is it WON’T be AJ Pierzynski!

*  11:45am edit – Missing the Mets/Yanks game last night meant I missed more curtain calls in the Bronx.  I really don’t have much else to say on that except this: between Jeter stealing and the curtain calls…well, I guess the Yankees just showed all of America what true sportsmanship is.  Good show.  The Yankees have succeeded in totally cheapening the curtain call to the point where any time one is taken by them the rest of MLB just shakes their heads and laughs at them.

* A lot of good quotes from yesterday, but here’s my favorite, from Mark Loretta on being voted to his first All Star Game:

"I’m very overwhelmed and humbled by it and excited and I think it speaks volumes to the Red Sox nation. They get out there and support their team, so I’m very happy about it."

We’re happy about it too, Mark!  Congratulations!

Photo of Mark, taken by me on June 21, 2006

(10:40am edit:  Voting link updated thanks to Peter and John!)

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