Sunny Monday!

Mlb3Well, regardless of the gloating by one of the Yankees fan commenters here (which really just made me laugh, so no apology was necessary!)…the Yankees got swept and the Red Sox split the series with Texas…all which adds up to the Sox being in first place by a game.  Since I haven’t bought into this whole "oh the Yankees are a bad team because of injuries" bull, I’ll definitely take it.

(Someone needs to explain to folks that having Damon, Giambi, Rodriguez, Cano, Williams and Posada in your lineup doesn’t even come close to being a ‘handicap’ for any other team in the league.  They’re certainly not at full force…but they are FAR from a weak team.  But I digress.)

David Pauley got sent to Pawtucket yesterday to make room for Mike Timlin on the roster.  This team needs Timlin back and they’ll get him tomorrow in Minnesota.  This is actually kind of a promotion for Pauley.  He was in AA a couple of weeks ago and three MLB starts later he’s in AAA.  I think the kid has some good stuff.  Won’t be long before we see him in the bigs again.

One last tidbit from the Globe today about the Red Sox:  The Sox have played 10 straight games against first-place teams and went 5-5 Detroit (2-1), New York (1-2), and Texas (2-2) – sorry to disappoint, but I’ll definitely take that.

Today’s the first day back at work after a long weekend…so it’ll be a long one there. 

Hope everyone has a great day and gets to enjoy this weather!

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